Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Free, Just Because ...

It was my mistake.  I was the one at fault, not her.  But she made it right, not just good, but great.

You see, I had a free one coming.  I had finally made it to Starbucks and was ready to redeem my free beverage of choice that I had earned by buying their drinks over the last few months.  Ya, I don’t get out much.  I hadn’t much time left to redeem it either as I had just gotton an email saying I only had a few more days to get my free beverage before it was gone.  So I was happy!  Happy to be out and about, happy to get my hands on a Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappicino and happy to have remembered to tell her at the drive thru speaker that this was a freebie!  But that’s where my problem started.  Because when I got to the window and gave her my card I forgot to mention it again. 

She handed back my card and receipt and I noticed she charged me for it.  Oh no! I was going to have to confront her about it.  Now most people don’t enjoy confrontation, but I really hate it!  It goes against everything in my peace loving, get along with people, lets all be friends mentality.  Should I just not say anything? It was my fault after all.  And I can just come again some other day.  But my time is running out and I may not get back before it expires!  Oh what to do, what to do? 

She finally came back to the window and hands me my drink and that’s when I blurt out: “I forgot to tell you this was my freebie.” And I hand her back my card.  She graciously takes it back and apologizes, for MY mistake!  She’s busy and she confides that they are understaffed today.  I feel like a heel and apologize profusely for making her go thru the hassle of reimbursing my gold card.  Then she drops the bomb on me: This drink is free!  On her.  On the house.  She didn’t use the freebie on my card but tells me to come back and use it tomorrow. 

I thank her profusely and drive off in awe. 

You see I was expecting to get a free drink.  One that I had worked for, saved up my rewards for, one that I had earned.  But instead I got a FREE drink.  One that I didn’t do anything for.  That was just given to me, just because.  For no other reason, than the kindness of someone’s heart. 

And it made me think of that other free gift in my life.  The one I try to earn.  The one I think if I work a little harder or be a little more loving, might get me what I want.  Forgiveness of sin, the grace of the Father through the Son’s sacrifice.  I didn’t do any of the work.  He did it all on the cross.  I just get to receive.  Receive thru humbling myself and asking Him to forgive me and cleanse me and purify me.  Cause that’s what He does.  Because of the kindness of God, His love and compassion for men and women, He gives us the greatest gift of all! 

For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves,

It is a gift of God; not as a result of works so that no one may boast.  Ephesians 2:8-9


Jeniffer said...

Love. So glad that you shared your blog with us today. <3

Kelly said...

Beautiful story! I love how God works to bring smiles and comfort to His people💛. And it's so true, Jesus did it all on the cross.❤️

Maxine Gonzalez said...

I found you too GAIL! Hugs and Blessings!