Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Summer of My Simplicity

In summers past, I have always had Josiah in a developmental therapy program. The state of Idaho can be lacking in many areas, but their developmental therapy for kiddos like Joe was wonderful. 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week, Josiah had one on one therapy both in the center and out in the community.

But this year we moved to Washington. And they don't have their assistance set up the same way. Hence, Joe and I have been hanging out together every day. At first, I was a bit nervous, petrified maybe? about what Joe and I were going to do all day. Things we could do without me resorting to tearing my hair out .... or his!

Since finding a bus for Mike to catch to work, Joe and I have started off our days happily sleeping in. I think we're both catching up on some much needed sleep. Mornings are spent getting ready, eating breakfast and watching cartoons. Two days a week, we go to Christina's house where Joe gets to play the Wii and watch her movies, while I go write on my children's novel.

Lunchtime occurs around the same time that the old Perry Mason reruns air, and then we are ready to find some afternoon fun. We have visited Panther Creek, where Joe threw his sandal in the creek much to my dismay. We drove to Hood River and watched Toy Story 3. We drove down to the park and Joe played on the swings and slides while I watched.

Somewhere between 4 and 5pm we drive to town to pick up Michael from work. We come home and bar-b-q or cook something equally scrumptious. We often watch a show from netflix or light the firepit. And there are evenings where all we do is sit on our porch watching the sun and shadows play on the fir covered hills across the gorge.

Nowhere in my day is any craft of any type. I packed away my craft room when we left Boise. I kept out my beading, my crossstitch, and my sewing machine. Mainly because they were packed in their own little cases and easy to have on hand. But they have not been opened since arriving.

I thought I would miss my crafts. And I have. But not as much as I thought I would. I think mainly because I have chosen to see this summer as one of simplicity. We knew we would be moving into furnished housing. We knew that we would not be able to bring along all our "stuff". Here at our mother-in-law "resort" apartment we have a scaled down kitchen without an area or tools to bake or concoct elaborate meals. We have a miniscule library with only a few books we brought along as well as the few I have checked out from the library. We only have one pack of cards, instead of our assortment of games and cards and whatnot to keep ourselved entertained. But its ok. We're living more simply for this summer--intentionally.

And a month into our living this way, it crosses my mind whether I could simplify for good? Not sure I would want to. I do like my "stuff". There are times I would like to make some pizza dough or start another knitting project. But I can feel the pull that draws many in wanting to live a simpler life.

Life here has a slower, more rhythmic pace here this summer. We are enjoying our surroundings and each other. We have time for reaching out to new friends and old ones. It is a joy to discover God's beautiful creation here in the Columbia Gorge.

So cheers! Here's to the summer of my simplicity!