Sunday, December 27, 2009

Changes for Spring Semester

Even tho hubby has only 2 classes he needs to take to graduate in May, in order to recieve fin aid, he has to take a full class load. And in order to stay in campus apts he has to be a full time student. So he is back to taking 4 classes instead of the 2 he needs. But that's ok, cuz its the last semester!!!

He is enjoying his break and has a full month off. We are celebrating with family in WA and enjoying the time we have here. There will be a honey-do list waiting when we return to Boise, but I don't think hubby is too motivated to work on it.

I'm spending the next couple days with my sister and my mom ... alone! How awesome is that. Some girl time--yes! The hubster and #1 son will hang out with grandpa and I'm sure they won't miss me much.

Til next time ....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finals Week

I think hubby and I agree that this has been the semester from Hell. Having to take 5 classes instead of 4 because of an unforseenable set of circumstances, 3 of which have been night classes--Yikes! Having one of the classes taught by a novice PhD who knows very little about biz and expects 30 page papers (he's not an English major, folks!) Having a group project assigned in EVERY class with other students who are full time students, work part or full time and most with families---double yikes!

But classes are over and now its final week. The end is in sight. Hubby's head is in the books and he has forwarned us that he will be scarce until thursday afternoon. Then we will get to celebrate!

And next semester, his last, is looking sunny indeed. He only needs 2 classes to graduate, and that's all he's taking! Woo hoo!!! One is a night class, but I think we can live with that. There is light at the end of the tunnel and its looking quite bright.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Which Path Are You Traveling?

I'm at a crossroads here on Challenges and Adventures. In fact, I don't even know what path I'm on or where its going. When I started this blog, I was in love! I loved blogging and couldn't wait to blog I chose the title cuz I thot I would blog about my son and our challenges with him, but that seemed a bit too public. We're a bit of a private family. I also thot I'd blog more about my husband and his challenges with vision impairment and retraining, but that didn't end up happening either. I knew I would blog about my faith, but I have only done that in spurts.

I tried blogging about my hobbies, my pet, our outings and roadtrips. I would have loved to have blogged about home decor, except that we're crammed into student housing and I have not decorated the way I would like too. Most of my stuff is in storage or I sold it. We had to downsize to the extreme when we moved. Plus its not a priority right now with our limited budget. Once we are settled after hubby graduates, I know the nesting instinct will return. I would also enjoy blogging about style and clothes, but again, its not a priority in my life, tho I have been upping my style factor the last 6 months.

I read a variety of blogs and love all their different niches they express. But mine, it just feels like a big pile of clutter, kinda like my dining room table at the moment. A reflection of my life, if you will. I have so many diverse interests in life that I don't have a niche, nor do I really want one. Yet, I can't seem to make my varied, eclectic style work on this blog. It seems too scattered, and most people don't like reading a scattered blog. It doesn't really fall into the "mommy blog" catergory as my son is a tween. And an only child. Its not really a family blog either, as I haven't shared alot of what goes on in our day to day life. Again, I can't seem to get over my privacy concerns with the internet. I don't homeschool, tho I always thot I would before we discovered our son's diagnosis. We're both happier with him in school. I'm not an expert at anything, yet I enjoy dabbling-learning about-experimenting in alot of subjects, flitting from one idea to the next.

I'm not into giveaways or contests, I try to live frugally, but don't really enjoy blogging about it. I've been married 20+ years, so alot of the things younger moms and wives blog about I did eons ago and its either an ingrained habit or it doens't apply to where I am in life .... So is there a niche for a middle aged, God loving, faith holding, starting over, wife, helpmate, and taxi driver to vision impaired, student of the semester in his dept!! (so proud of you honey!)almost graduated hunky middle aged man I married, and mom to sweet tween special needs son, woman with no expertise in life/career/vocation, mediocre crafter/sewer/knitter with interests that change from day to day, week to week??? Ya, I didn't think so!

So how 'bout you? If you have a blog, what is your niche?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

My New Birthday Gift

Having a birthday in mid December has always been a bain to my pleasure loving self. So many years presents got combined and parties overlooked, whether due to financial strains, overloaded schedules or simply a case of "too much, too much!"

On the other hand, I love having a birthday that is smack dab in the middle of the prettiest time of year. With the hint of snow in the air, the festive decoartions in stores and along the streets, houses lit up with lights, its a fun time to celebrate.

This year the party is starting early! Last month my laptop died and I have been sharing my hubby's which has seriously cramped my web cruising. Not having access to my pics or being able to download anything, plus our printer doesn't work with his laptop ... ugh!

But cyber monday morning, he announced that he had just done almost all of his shopping for the season! I think this is the first year in our 25 years that he has finished his shopping before me. Gotta love online shopping.

And tonight after dinner, he presented me with this beauty. My new inpiron mini. Its adorable and fun. I'm typing on it right now and the keyboard isn't that much smaller than I'm used to. I can't wait to discover all the goodies it has to offer. And I'll soon have pics to put on this blog once again. Its a good thing!

Til next time ...