Monday, September 27, 2010

Been Pondering A Situation

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been blogging much lately. In fact I think I've only posted 4 times in the past 4 months! Not good. Which leads me to my pondering ....

A couple months ago I mentioned to the hubster that I was thinking of shutting down my blog. He thought that was a great idea! Oh boy, not exactly the kind of encouragement one wants to hear, but I knew what he meant. I waste/spend alot of time reading blogs and not much writing. My blog is mainly for my own enjoyment as I think I only have 3 faithful readers. And I've always been ok with that. I'm not making money on my blog so have never felt like I had to make it into a job.

And on top of all that wishywashyness, last march I started writing a novel that had been simmering around in my head for years. I'm pretty excited about the book and am scheduling my time to daily write another 500 words on the novel rather than writing another blog post that only I will read. I hope someday to get the book published and than you all can read it too.

So all that brings me back to what to do with my blog here at Challenges and Adventures? I think I've been procrastinating shutting it down, cuz I have enjoyed blogging and getting to know others in the blogging world. And I hate endings. So I'm copping out and thinking I'll just put it to private instead of erasing it altogether. I have no idea what that means if you get this in your reader. It probably won't matter as I don't see myself coming back to post on it, tho I never say never.

And one more picture of the love of my life.

Til next time .... (whenever that may be)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Trying to Win A New Ipod

.... or what do you do to up your chances to win online?

Over at Christian Personal Finance the blogger is having an Ipod giveaway. I have been drooling over the Ipods for awhile now, even to the point of looking at refurbished ones. But how cool would it be to win one!

So in order to qualify, I submit to you one of CPF's great posts. Go check it out! It's a post of encouraging Bible verses. Good stuff.

Til next time ....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tired of Waiting

Two weeks til we move .... Two long weeks looming ahead. Four months we've been in temporary housing. One month longer than anticipated. Waiting, waiting .... I'm tired of waiting!

Ever feel like that? Ever been waiting for something to happen, so life can go back to normal? I've lived in limbo throughout my married life at one time or another, but this seems to be the most intense time of waiting I've gone through. And I'm finding I don't like it much.

I tend to live in future tense, which I know is a problem for me. I even had a medical personnel tell me that I need to step back and live in the present. Good advice! And something that I frequently fail at. I like to look forward. I like to anticipate. But the grass always looks greener in the future and I'm frequently disappointed once I arrive.

So while I'm waiting I'm writing, on a novel. I have a character who I have grown fond of. His name is Stiller and he's an older, grizzled gentleman. He's on an adventure with his nephew and a girl they have joined up with. Stiller doesn't like waiting either. I guess Stiller has been channeling my inner thoughts as I've been writing. Here's a few snippets from my in-progress (soon to be bestseller!) novel:

(Stiller) left the baker's shop. More waiting .... He had forgotton how tedious the waiting while on an adventure could be.
* * *

Stiller kept a smile on his face, but grimaced inside. More waiting. "We would like to be on our way as soon as possible. We have traveled a ways already and have a bit farther to reach our destination."
* * *

"So now what Uncle?"
Stiller walked a few steps before answering. "Now we wait some more, dear boy!" Dagnabit! How had he forgotton all the waiting there was to be found on an adventure!

So it looks like Stiller and I have more waiting to do while we continue our adventures. Sure, we both have places to be and things to do, but adventures are not without their challenges and one of those challenges is what to do while one waits. For waiting is inevitable in life, whatever adventure you may find yourself on.

Til next time ....