Monday, October 31, 2011

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Superfluous Pic of the Day

I haven't shared many of my photos of late so I dug thru my stash and found one from this summer I thought you'd like.

(Mt Saint Helens)

I just love the contrast of the green and blue and white.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Have you seen this one? Me neither. What are your 'currents'?

Current Books: Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad; I'm about 2/3 thru it and have really enjoyed it. Very helpful info for dressing well. Just finished Mrs Jeffries Speaks her Mind; cute cozy mystery. I have the whole series and reread them when I want a mindless escape. Write A Novel and Get It Published; waiting in the wings on my bedside table. Looking forward to seeing what this author has to say.

Current Playlist: Soul Sister or whatever its called. I know its an old song, but I love it! It makes me want to dance and sing along

Current Color: Dark Red and Black. My go-to colors for winter.

Current Drink: Diet Coke with Lime, a holdover from summer. Still enjoying it. But I do have some apple cider that I want to doctor up for the family and have some weekend.

Current Food: Been making a few pumpkin desserts, all keepers, and craving mexican!

Current Wishlist: a pumpkin candle, my current one has finally reached its end. Boots! but I don't want to pay the top dollars that my wide calves require. None of the regular stores carry boots for big calved women like myself. I checked. A date night with the hubster =)

Current Needs: A new bra!

Current Triumph: I've written over 24,000 words so far on my novel. That's alot of words. I'm so proud of myself and can actually see myself finishing this book next spring.

Current Bane of my Existence: Clutter, its definitely time to get rid of more stuff!

Current Indulgence: New nail polish-- Wicked and Devil's Advocate both by Essie. Now to get one or the other on my nails!

Current Mood: Mostly happy but anxious about a few things too ....

Current #1 Blessing: My devotional time this past month has been so, so good! Loving my time in the morning with my Lord.

Current Outfit: Jeans, long sleeve t-shirt, and cardigan.

Current Excitement: Hubby getting home from his business trip. It's been a long week without him.

Current Link: a gorgeous fall photo, you won't be disappointed.

So how 'bout you? What are your 'currents'?

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Monday, October 24, 2011

House Names

Do you name your homes?

When I was younger I found that I loved mysteries, esp Agatha Christie mysteries and other british authors. I remember reading one of her books and there was a house named The Laurels. Yes, the houses actually had names, not numbers, at least I don't think they had numbers. But I digress. In another story, the house was named Sweetbrier. Cute, huh?

So twenty years ago or so, when Michael and I had just taken over my dad's biz and were struggling to make ends meet, we lived in this tiny little 2 bedroom cottage. It was white, small, no curb appeal or charm to speak of, but we were happy. The rent was low and it had wild sweetpeas growing outside the front door. I hadn't got into gardening yet at that time or maybe I just didn't have the money. Ha! So the sweetpeas were a welcome bit of color in the spring and summer.

For some reason, I nicknamed that little home "Sweetpea Cottage" and it stuck. Whenever we talk about the different places we lived, we always know which one was Sweetpea Cottage. We never refer to it in any other way. Our other homes we reference as "the one on langdon street" or "the duplex in auburn" but I will always think of that little cozy home as Sweetpea Cottage.

So, I could end this post right here, but its really just a prelude to what I've been thinking about. We've been here in the gorge now for over a year, and been living in another non-descript 2 bedroom home. I must say it's a bit bigger than Sweetpea was, and has twice the yard, fenced even. But woefully, it does not have twice the charm.

I would love to come up with a name for this home as we very well could be here for a bit longer, maybe alot longer. There's an old pear tree outfront and several worthless black walnut trees that make gardening prohibitive. Did you know that a black walnut trees roots will inhibit growing veggies within 5-10 feet of it? or was it 15 feet? Anyway, it basically makes growing a garden pretty fruitless .... or veggieless! Ha ha.

So if you think of a name for our home down here in the gorge, let me know. And I'd love to hear if you've ever named a home you've lived in. Or if the house came with a name.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Did His B-day Sneak Up On Me?

Yes, it comes every year. On the same day even! But this year it kind of snuck up on me. What? you ask. The hubster's birthday. I have been thinking about it, and pondering what we should do to celebrate. I have already asked and received ideas for gifts and food. But somehow, in the busyness of life, none of these ideas have been acted on yet. But that's ok, I still have 12 hours, right? HA! Actually, with our crazy schedules right now, we won't be celebrating til the weekend. So I'm not in the doghouse yet.

Looking thru the archives, I found that I started honoring the hubs on his special day back in 2007. A couple years I posted pics, One year I posted the b-day card I made him. Most were short and sweet posts. But this year, I want to be more verbose. I want to share what makes my man so great for me and our family. If ya don't do it on the guys b-day, when are ya going to do it, eh?

So pardon the bad poetry but it was the best I could come up with on short notice ....

An Ode to the Birthday Boy

Why do I love him? Why does he make me smile?
His steadfastness reminds me of his Father above
His hardworking body and soul rarely tires

Telling dino tales none have heard before to his firstborn son.
They will never hold a conversation, but father loves the son just the same

Studious in his studies, high grades he obtained
Found work and moved us to the land of beauty wind and rain
Listens to stories swirling around in my head
Brainstorms with me where the plot should travel or end

Loves me thru hormones and emotions, disappointments and tears
Laughs with me, hugs me tight, smiles at me, journeys with me thru the days and years
We have been thru alot, rollercoaster ride from "I do" to now
The ups, the downs, the falls to the ground,
the in between, the seen and unseen.

Many more years I hope to have with this man of mine
A few grey hair have sprouted up, a few more pounds to his still lean frame
But like fine wine, he grows better with age.

(and no I have no aspirations to be a poet)

To you babe! Happy birthday, Sweetie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going to the Library today .... got 10 books on hold to pick up! TEN! Love me some books to read. Til next time ....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Surgery, Radiation ....

I love my mom! And over the years, it has been hard to watch her fight colon cancer, then breast cancer, and see her go thru surgeries to remove stuff that's not suppose to be there. Tomorrow and Friday I'll be right alongside her again as she fights another battle. Right now we're still not sure what's going on, but after her colonoscopy we'll have more details. The doc has already scheduled her for colon surgery on Friday, so they have found enough to justify cutting an 86 yr old woman open to get the foreign bad guys out. I'm so glad I can be with her as she fights this fight. I'm so glad the Lord has given her 86 great years here with us. She has a 'TON of friends and family who love her dearly. She's touched many lives through her teaching career, and mentored many writers along the way.
While we don't know what the future holds, we DO KNOW who holds the future. And her trust and mine is placed in HIM, the only wise God. Thank you for your prayers on my mom's behalf. And I'd appreciate your prayers for a safe journey up and back to Seattle/Kirkland. Hopefully, my boys will survive without me for 3 days!
Til next time ....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

I'm so proud of myself! wink, wink I remembered 10 on 10 this month before it was halfway over. Which is what I usually do. So then I go visit Mer's blog who hosts 10 on 10 and find she has quit doing it! Like in January! But never one to follow the crowd, I decided I would just do my own anyway. Like I always do. I really do follow a different drumbeat in my head.

So here's my 10 on 10 for October which just happens to be the 10th month of the year.

Ten Things I Love About Fall

1) The Colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, brown. And all the shades represented in each of those colors are magical. Twenty some odd years ago my husband and I were able to go back to Virginia and North Carolina in October. I remember the trees, specifically the sugar maples, were so vibrant, so alive with color. Ever since then I just can't get enough of fall colors, esp in nature.

2) Pumpkin anything: We're talking food here peeps! Not decorations. Love me some pumpkin pie, of course. And also, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, dried pumpkin seeds, pumpkin desserts, and pumpkin custards. Right now there are so many pumpkin delicacies on Pinterest that I want to try.

3) Hot spiced cider:  mmmm .... mmmmm!  I like a good espresso, a great cup of hot chocolate and an ice cold lemonade, but there's just something that just says Fall like Spiced Cider.

4) Sweaters:  Cardigans and pullovers just smack of Fall, don't they?  After just wearing sleeveless shirts and tanks all summer its nice to pull on a sweater.

5) Nature walks: I much prefer to walk and hike in cooler weather than in the heat of the summer. I don't enjoy sweating much, so a hike on a cool weekend is just perfect in my book.

6) Football: Go Boise Broncos!!!! Need I say more? Well, yes, I guess I should.

7) Cracklin Fires in the Woodstove:  Last week, the hubster brought in wood and kindling and built our first fire in the woodstove.  There's just something about the warmth and the flickerin flames in the morning when I crawl out of bed.

8) Fall Decorations: Pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, hay bales, pitchforks and old barns. All of these say FALL to me and I love it!

9) Cozy evenings at home:  Which include #7 a great fire, #6 football, #4 sweaters,  #3 hot cider and/or #2 pumpkin  yummies.

10) Thanksgiving: My very favorite holiday after Christmas. What's not to love when you get great food, great family and friends, fellowship, football and a chance to be grateful and thankful for all the blessings in your life?

So how 'bout you?  What do you love about Fall?  And do you have a list of 10 on the 10th?
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Thursday, October 06, 2011


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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Weekly Recipe Roundup #4

It's time for another weekly recipe roundup. Yesterday was a spontaneous cooking day for me. I tried 3 new-to-me recipes .... I think that is a record for me for one day. So I thought I'd give you a recap of what I tried and how they came out, plus what I made for breakfast this morning.

First up was thai noodles from a recipe I found on Pinterest. Verdict: quite yummy! It called for sauteing up red pepper in oil and then straining the little pepper seeds. I wasn't able to strain all the little seeds, so even tho I only used 1 Tbsp of the hotties instead of 2 Tbsps the recipe called for, the dish was a bit hot. Loved it! But the hubster wasn't quite as impressed. He's not into "hot" quite as much as I am.

Recipe #2 was an easy little appetizer number that I've been wanting to try again for awhile. I made Bruscetta many years ago and loved it, so when I ran across this recipe (again from Pinterest) I had to give it a try. The stars (ingredients) finally aligned themselves up last night, so before they could run away (mold, mildew and turn into mad science projects)I whipped up some delish nibbles right before dinner. Verdict: extra yummy!

The big finale of my cooking day was The Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast. Now when she makes it I am SURE it IS perfect. For me, not so much. But I do not lay any of the blame at her or her recipe's feet. But totally and squarely on my own pot roast feet of clay.

If you remember, one of my 11 in fall of 11 was to improve my cooking skills and I quote:
10) Improve My Cooking Skills: I've always enjoyed trying new recipes, but now I want to improve my skills and techniques.... techniques I will conquer: making a great pie crust, a great pot roast, and cheesecake.

I'm a little bummed that it didnt' come out as well as the Pioneer Woman's, but not all is lost. I learned a couple things. One: I need a smaller covered pan to cook my pot roast in. I ended up using my turkey pan, cuz that is the only roaster I have that has a lid. Way too big! And two: I need a recipe that helps me check the doneness and not just give me a vague "it'll be done in 3-4 hours." Part of my problem was that 30 min before it was suppose to be done I checked on it and it didn't look done to me, but in actuality was probably done or close to being overdone at that point. So I think I need a meat thermometer and a recipe that guides me that way. What'd ya think? Am I off the deep end? What's your tried and true method of making a pot roast?

And no, we didn't have to order pizza. The meat was a bit well done, but still edible. Lots of gravy, the yummy carrots and mashed potatoes made up for a little toughness.

Finally, this morning, or rather last night, I whipped up some Deluxe Oatmeal. Yes, that is really what the title of the recipe is. An old favorite I got off the internet a long time ago. The photo below is similiar, not my actual oatmeal. You dump all the ingredients in the crockpot and let it cook overnight. Then Ta-Da, the next morning you have a yummy b'fast just waiting for ya. Here's the recipe if you're interested.

Deluxe Oatmeal
2 c milk
1/4 c brown sugar
1 Tbsp butter
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 c quick cooking oats (I use old fashioned and haven't noticed a problem)
1 apple finely chopped
1/2 c raisins
1/2 c chopped walnuts or almonds

Grease inside of crockpot (very important, or else its going to be a bear to clean, just ask my hubster). Put ingredients inside crockpot and mix well. Cover and turn on low heat. Cook overnight or 8-9 hours. Stir before serving.

Makes 4 cups. Which is enough for our family of 3 hungry peeps in the morning.

So what have you been cooking lately? Tried out any new recipes? And, please, tell me your secret to a great pot roast. My hubster will be so thankful!

Til next time ....