Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Did His B-day Sneak Up On Me?

Yes, it comes every year. On the same day even! But this year it kind of snuck up on me. What? you ask. The hubster's birthday. I have been thinking about it, and pondering what we should do to celebrate. I have already asked and received ideas for gifts and food. But somehow, in the busyness of life, none of these ideas have been acted on yet. But that's ok, I still have 12 hours, right? HA! Actually, with our crazy schedules right now, we won't be celebrating til the weekend. So I'm not in the doghouse yet.

Looking thru the archives, I found that I started honoring the hubs on his special day back in 2007. A couple years I posted pics, One year I posted the b-day card I made him. Most were short and sweet posts. But this year, I want to be more verbose. I want to share what makes my man so great for me and our family. If ya don't do it on the guys b-day, when are ya going to do it, eh?

So pardon the bad poetry but it was the best I could come up with on short notice ....

An Ode to the Birthday Boy

Why do I love him? Why does he make me smile?
His steadfastness reminds me of his Father above
His hardworking body and soul rarely tires

Telling dino tales none have heard before to his firstborn son.
They will never hold a conversation, but father loves the son just the same

Studious in his studies, high grades he obtained
Found work and moved us to the land of beauty wind and rain
Listens to stories swirling around in my head
Brainstorms with me where the plot should travel or end

Loves me thru hormones and emotions, disappointments and tears
Laughs with me, hugs me tight, smiles at me, journeys with me thru the days and years
We have been thru alot, rollercoaster ride from "I do" to now
The ups, the downs, the falls to the ground,
the in between, the seen and unseen.

Many more years I hope to have with this man of mine
A few grey hair have sprouted up, a few more pounds to his still lean frame
But like fine wine, he grows better with age.

(and no I have no aspirations to be a poet)

To you babe! Happy birthday, Sweetie

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