Saturday, June 01, 2013

Busy Crazy Busy

 .... and yet ponderously slow at the same time.  That is the curse of having health issues.  When you are feeling good, there is so much to do, so much to catch up on.  You don't know where to start.  But then you feel cruddy again and are layiing in bed thinking of all those things you could be doing if you felt better.

That was my life from Christmas til now.  We finally dx'ed one of my problems: some terrible side effects of a medicine I was on.  I've been off it for a month now and some of my sypmtoms are gone, thankfully!  But I'm still having gut issues and other sypmptoms.  I have some ideas on what is going on, but am still trying to find out what to do about them and how to live with what my body is throwing at me.

I have hope that I will get my life back again, but at the same time feel like I lost the last six months of my life.

Til next time .... assuming I feel good!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Need a Lift?

Ever needed a lift? Sure you have, we all have. I recently found a ‘lift’ that I use over and over again. And it sure has been helping. What am I talking about? Why, only the coolest, greatest iPad app to come along called Lift.

Let me backtrack here a bit. I love New Year’s Resolutions. I love goals. I love dreaming up new things to do and accomplish. But, and this is a big but ….. I, like 96% of the rest of the population, haven’t been great at keeping those resolutions or accomplishing those goals. 

This is where Lift comes in (and no, I’m not a paid spokesman for the company), you set up your account, add the habits you want to start incorporating; say like flossing at night. And when you do remember to floss, you check it off on the list. It gives you a spot to make a comment if you like, and others can give you props for accomplishing your goal or even make a friendly comment on your list. Unlike other to-do apps tho, these will stay there day after day. The ones checked off showing up in green with a big neon sign that says: look at me, I made progress. No, not really, but that’s what it feels like. And the others just waiting to be crossed off. The app also sends you a daily email tracking your progress and giving you kudos and an inspiring quote to help keep you tracking. I love it. I look at it often during the day, since I’m an iPad fiend anyway, might as well. And by looking at it, it reminds me of the habits I want to tackle. I have one for taking my multi vitamin, something I was always forgetting to do. Now its almost second nature. I have another for memorizing scripture. Another goal is to write for 30 minutes and I have several that have to do with walking and fitness goals. I even have a goal for spending time outside. I don’t mark every goal off each day, but since starting to use Lift I have become much more consistant in several areas of my life. As I said, I use it on my iPad. Not sure if its available for other tablets/phones or on the web, but if you’re interested you could google it and see. If you already use Lift or start, you can follow me or see my Lift goals. 

So how ‘bout you? Do you set goals for yourself? Habits you want to incorporate? And how do you track your progress? I’d love to hear.