Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Often Do You ....

.... update your blogroll, if you are a blogger?

Over the last week, I've been updating mine. Taking off a few blogs I no longer read and adding alot more that I have recently found. Most of the new ones center around nails and nail polish. A recent obsession of mine. Until a few years ago, I could not for the life of me, do a decent manicure on my nails. I was hooked on pedicures and was really wanting to polish my nails as well. So one day when I was talking to a friend she told me about "Out the Door" a great top coat that really dries the nailpolish fast and keeps you from ruining your polish. Ever since then I have been obsessed with polish. I have collected gazillions of colors and change my nails at least once a week and sometimes more often.

I also added a few new style blogs. Specifically ones that cater to the "average" woman and/or the "woman over 40" since I fall into that category. I am tired of seeing only fashion for tiny pre-teen and young uns. I want to dress for my age and still look good. I feel like I do pretty well already, but am always interested in keeping up with what else might be out there. I have my own style pretty well figured out, so whatever I see goes thru the sieve of my established style: casual eclectic with a hint of classiness.

I have another blog that I don't post on much. Its a crafts and sewing blog, stuff I haven't done much of lately. Hence, the not much posting. But I visit it to visit my blog roll. I know, why don't I just use one of those bloggy things that emails you all your blog reading. But when I tried I just couldn't get into that way of reading blogs. I actually like going to the actual blog. And on that blogroll I've added some new sewing, and cooking blogs. I told my husband that I want to become a better cook. I'm a pretty good baker, but I could work on my cooking skills. There are a few things in the kitchen that I have never tried, like making cheesecake, cooking a really good steak, making meringue and making burnt creme, one of my fav desserts. Ooops! there I go again, 3 out of the 4 were baking challenges!

I also realized recently that blogs inspire me. Seeing what others are doing, accomplishing, and having success with inspires me. I may not do much myself, but I can dream.

So, how bout you? How often do you change up your blogroll? And do you visit blogs from your own (or anothers) blogroll? Or do you read blogs in your email?

Til next time ....