Friday, October 31, 2008

This n That Friday

a couple weeks ago, i dug out our winter clothes. got the coats, and sweaters, boots and mittens out. unfortunately, only found one hat and no scarves. i remember packign them up but don't know where they got themselves to. when we moved back to idaho 4 yrs ago, the scarf knitting rage was all ablaze here and i entered with gusto. i think i made 10 scarves for our family. so what's a girl to do? start knitting again. i got a flecked tan and red one finished for the hubster, and am working on a mossy green one for myself. yarns i already had in my stash so i didn't have to have to put anything out of pocket! always love that.

i have had my eyes on a couple patterns for wrist warmers and fingerless gloves, but i don't think my skills have gotton up to that level yet. i'll update you on this if it comes about. i find with my knitting skills i start a lot of projects and end up ripping them out several times before either perfecting it or giving up. aaaah, such is life, right?

the frugal meals are going well so far. will update on the whole subject on monday.

this weekend we are going to a membership meeting at our church, The Pursuit. i'm looking forward to finding out more aobut the church we have chosen as well as getting to know some other newbies.

hubby is home for lunch, so i'm off. gotta beat him in backgammon. i've been losing of late and that is never good!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frugal Dinners ... Again???

it's the end of the month and i'm running low with ingredients for tasty meals and ideas. i wrote about my frugal meal challenge last may when we had more month than money. it was a stretch to be creative, but we didn't starve or die from malnutrition. so once again, i'm putting on my creative hat to figure out meals for the next 5 days.

i have cheese, pasta, beef brats, chicken bites, canned salmon, some frozen and canned veggies, some dairy and other misc pantry items. what i don't have that i usually like to have on hand is frozen chicken, hamburger, pizza meat toppings, fresh veggies and $$$ for eating out!

so here's what i'm thinking for the next 5 dinner meals: salmon fettucine made with the salmon and pasta, add some veggies and call it good. cheese quesidilas tonite with ramen cabbage salad. another dinner will be brats on homemade hot dog buns. i think i have enough flour for that. never tried making hot dog buns but i make bread so i think i could conquer this too. a couple cheese pizzas on friday nite and serve with some carrot stix. and on sunday we'll have pancakes with canned fruit, syrup and peanut butter.

how bout you? what's your go-to meals when there's more month than money? and are you changing the way you eat to make your grocery dollars stretch? i figure with gas prices coming down shouldn't grocery prices come down soon too?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what generation do you belong in?

You Belong in Generation X

You fit in best with people born between 1961 and 1981.

You are fun, laid back, and very independent.

You are willing to take risks and live your life however you see fit.

You are casual, accepting, and friendly. You see everyone as your equal.

these are always kind of fun, in my opinion. sometimes they get it right, sometimes wrong ... i was suprised that they actually nailed me right on with this one, cuz i'm was born kind of with each foot in 2 different generations: the tailend of the boomers and the beginning of the gen X.

how bout you? are you a gen x er?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

green cabbage ramen salad

i mentioned this in my post on monday and my cousin, joy, emailed me asking for the recipe. it hadnt' even crossed my mind that putting the recipe on my blog might make someone happy. my brain isn't very good these days!

so after emailing my cousin with the recipe i thot, "why not?" so here is the recipe i use. i know some of you may already have it, or use something similiar, but here's my version. and if you do tweak it, i'd love to hear in the comments what you do to spice up the recipe. (hint, hint: leave me a comment!)


1/2 large head cabbage, coarsely chopped
1 (3 ounce) package ramen noodles, crushed
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 bunch green onions, chopped

1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 tablespoons white sugar
3 tablespoons distilled white vinegar
seasonings to taste ( my original recipe called for 1/2 of the small spice packet from the ramen)

Toss together the cabbage, noodles, green onions and almonds.
Whisk together the ramen flavor packet, oil, sugar and vinegar. Pour over cabbage mixture and toss evenly to coat.

isn't that easy? i have found that it doesn't keep well over night, but it is really yummy when you make it. and its a good way to get cabbage into your diet.

Monday, October 27, 2008

monday, monday ...

i don't consider myself a simple woman, rather a complex, unique and complicated one. but i like this meme, so i'll go with it, title and all. if you're interested in joining in, visit peggy's blog here where all of us simple, and not so simple women congregate.

FOR TODAY October 27th:

Outside My Window... trees turning bright hues of orange, yellow, and red

I am thinking... about what i want to blog about this week. so much on my mind, so much to share.

I am thankful for... the warm fellowship and dinner we were able to enjoy with my brother and sis in law last evening. good times, laughter, good conversation and good food to boot.

From the kitchen... i'm hoping to make some chocolate chip pumpkins, make some jello for my son (he loves it!), and more green cabbage ramen salad--mmm! so good.

I am wearing... shorts and a t-shirt. i get overheated easily and when i'm home i like to dress cool.

I am creating... some cards out of paper, stickers, embellishments like brads, flowers, etc and rubber stamps. so fun! i enjoy the creative process.

I am going... to upload/download whatever! my pics from my camera. i don't know why but that is one of my least fav things to do.

I am reading... Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. very good read, i'm about half way and have been encouraged and convicted in my walk with God.

I am hoping... to drive home for Thanksgiving with my family. spend some time with my mom, my sisters, and hubby's family. we'll see if its going to work with hubby's school schedule.

I am hearing... my son giggling to the movie he's watching and the hum of my computer.

Around the house... lots of laundry to get to, kitchen needs sprucing up, and declutter the dining room table.

One of my favorite things... is having a fou-fou coffee with a friend. time to sit and relax and chat about everything and anything. laugh together, cry together, and encourage one another in the Lord.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: spend time making cards, clean house spic n span, get back into the exercise routine at the Y, and i'm sure there's more ...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

this is daisy, our dog who is not ours any longer. i miss her alot. but the reason i'm sharing this photo is that this is how i feel on mondays mornings alot of times. "Do I have to get up now???"

have a great day and a great week!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Meme: 5 Things About Me

i found this off another bloggers blog, sorry can't remember who now! but it looked like fun, so I thought I would play along. If you haven't participated in the 5 Things about me meme - please do! It's so fun to learn about you gals (and guys)!

5 things under $5.00 that I couldn't live without:

my lipbalm
my hand lotion
my baby powder
my hair clip
my toothbrush and toothpaste

5 favorite movies:

the princess bride
groundhogs day
the matrix
the lord of the rings trilogy (ok i'm cheating with these cuz they are multiple movies!)
the thin man series

5 favorite baby names I love

josiah (ok, i'm biased)

5 songs I love

if i loved you ... (ballad)
blessed be the name of the Lord
almost anything by casting crowns
crocodile rock (becuz my son loves it)
in the year 2525 (and you get extra credit if you know who sang this and what year!)

5 life changing moments:

the day i married my man
the day i gave birth to my son
the day we recieved our son's dx
the day my hubby fell 35 feet and flatlined on the way to the hospital
the day we discovered i had a tumor (turned out to be benign)

5 current obsessions:

Boise State Football--go broncos!
organizing my tiny apt
fou-fou coffee with friends, hubby, whoever!

5 places I want to go

italy, portugal, spain, france, switzerland, and the rest of europe
a cruise around the greek isles
new zealand
a cross country road trip around the US
the carribean
(can you tell i have wanderlust?)

5 appliances or kitchen tools I could not live without

my espresso maker
Kitchen Aid Mixer
my bread maker
my cast iron pan
my can opener!!! hee hee

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coloring Time for Joe

this weeks special exposure pic is one of Joe coloring at the table. he doesn't color for an eternity, but for a short while he enjoys it.

if you want to see other special exposure pictures, go to 5 min for special needs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This n That Tuesday

i have a ton of thots swirling thru my head, but nothing real noteworthy to blog about. so you're getting the this n that tuesday edition.

* had a nice day on sunday with the family. after a great church service, went out to brunch to celebrate hubby's b-day. then came home for a quick change and went for a drive. gorgeous day for a drive, but had to keep it short as hubby needed to study for midterms. came home and i finished making the carrot cake for him. sorry, no pics. it was not picture worthy! but it was delish!!

* have fallen off the exercise bandwagon. after doing so great at the start, going and getting sick plus getting some depressing news was all it took to take the wind out of my sails. meaning, i'm a lazy slug now. i have the desire to get back into the routine,but waiting for the gumption to overtake me and shove me into my workout clothes, put my keys and waterbottle in my hand and drive me over to the gym. ya, like that's going to happen!

* am still trying to declutter & organize my craft area so i can actually craft! i keep finding stuff that needs to be organized. the clutter seems to be multiplying, and i definitely need hubby's help in putting up some shelves so i have somewhere to put stuff!

* its getting cooler here and i love the cool, crisp weather. i am not a hot weather person, tho i enjoy the sunshine. so i'm in my element with fall and soon to be here, winter.

* joined the women's bible study at our new church. we are reading "a mary heart in a martha world" and it is very good. met a neat group of gals, and had a good, meaty discussion. i'm jumping in the middle so it seems odd, but i'm really glad i jumped. if you've read this book, leave a comment about whether you liked it or not, and what you gained from it.

* i'm a little slow in diving into my fall reading. i have 3 of my books by my bedside, but haven't really felt like reading any of them. i go in spurts with reading. so i'm hoping the reading fairie visits me soon and sprinkles me with the reading urge.

* my laundry is calling me, along with the dirty dishes in the sink.

what about you? what's your this n that tuesday look like?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey

Happy Birthday Honey!
i know the Lord has great things in store for you this coming year. and i'm excited to come along for the ride!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

i'm late with this post (seems to be a theme here this week), but after missing it last week being sick i was determined to post my thankful thots today.

It's always so good to remind myself of what i have to be thankful for:

~~~i'm thankful for God's faithfulness to me and my family

~~~i'm thankful for the creative juices flowing and the ability to create things of beauty for my family and friends

~~~i'm thankful for my health, and that God has kept me healthy thru the years

~~~i'm thankful that the last presidential debate is over and the election will so be here and gone. can we say "enough already!"

~~~i'm thankful for the love my hubby gives me everyday and our strong friendship after all these years.

if you want to read what others are thankful for or want to join in the fun, head over to Iris' blog "Grace Alone". You'll be blessed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Special Exposure Wednesday

i'm late with my special exposure picture. i had a busy day and then the debate was on tonite.

this is a pic from a couple summers ago, when joe's hair was long and his legs were alot shorter. i love seeing joe and his dad together. they have such a great relationship. here they are gazing down at a cool river on a hot summer day.

there are more pics over at 5 minutes for special needs. go check it out!

Word Filled Wednesday

The grass withers, the flowers fades, but the Word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

i love flowers, but they fade so fast. i have pics of tulips, lilacs and other flowers from my yard last spring and summer, but even now in the Fall, they are but a memory until next year. But God proclaims that His word is not like that. It doesn't fade with the seasons, it doesn't wither when the weather changes. God's Word is a firm foundation, and a sure thing. It will last forever which amazes me. i may not understand how that can be, but i can hang onto that promise. so when i open the Word of God i know i'm reading something that is firm, sure and everlasting!

go visit the other ladies who are participating today in word filled wed over at 160 acres. as martha would say: "It's a Good Thing!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kitchen Meme

i found this kitchen questionnaire in the archives of monica's blog and thought it looked really fun...

1. How many meals does most of your family eat at home each week? How many are in your family? we eat about 5-6 dinners at home, i'm trying to up that to 7 days a week but it seems like there is always one or two meals that ends up at a restaurant. for awhile we were having a family pizza nite on fridays out, but i'd like to make pizza more at home. there are 3 of us. hubbie and i eat lunch at home together and #1 son has free b'fast and lunch at school.

2. How many cookbooks do you own? before moving i got rid of ALOT of my cookbooks. i had probably 40-50, now i have about 15-20 and even those i should weed thru.

3. How often do you refer to a cookbook each week? daily!

4. Do you collect recipes from other sources? If so, what are some of your favorite sources (relatives, friends, magazines, advertisements, packages, the internet, etc.)? Yes, I collect recipes, tho less now than when i was first married. i have about 3 notebooks full of recipes off the internet, mags and friends. now i find recipes on the internet i don't print them out.

5. How do you store those recipes? as i said above, i've put alot of them in notebooks. now i'm trying to store them on recipe sites like allrecipes menu box or on my blog.

6. When you cook, do you follow the recipe pretty closely, or do you use recipes primarily to give you ideas? i tend to follow closely until i get the hang of something, then i will branch out and try different things. i've also gotton more comfortable making substitutions when i'm out of an ingredient.

7. Is there a particular ethnic style or flavor that predominates in your cooking? If so, what is it? we love mexican, italian, and asian. i use alot of onion, some garlic, lots of pepper, and other spices

8. What’s your favorite kitchen task related to meal planning and preparation? (eating the finished product does not count) i think i enjoy the planning the most. i enjoy looking thru my recipes and figuring out what will make a great meal.

9. What’s your least favorite part? cutting onions if they make me cry!

10. Do you plan menus before you shop? most of the time. tho i've gotton lazy about that of late. i need to get back to it again.

11. What are your three favorite kitchen tools or appliances? my crockpot, my vitamix, and my breadmaker.

12. If you could buy one new thing for your kitchen, money was no object, and space not an issue, what would you most like to have? probably a freezer, but we have no room in our apt at this time. and i'm ok with that.

13. Since money and space are probably objects, what are you most likely to buy next? probably a new scraper.

14. Do you have a separate freezer for storage? no--=(

15. Grocery shop alone or with others? i almost always go alone. hubby hates to go with me, and the joe-boy is not a good shopper.

16. How many meatless main dish meals do you fix in a week? Dinners? Probably zero. Breakfasts are almost always meatless, lunches usually have some sort of meat, tho not always.

17. If you have a decorating theme in your kitchen, what is it? Favorite kitchen colors? at this point i don't have a theme, tho i love the grapevine theme. colors: taupe and dark green

18. What’s the first thing you ever learned to cook, and how old were you? boy, i dont' remember. i remember helping my older sister make pies, i was probably 7 or 8.

19. How did you learn to cook? i got a job at a deli and learned to make soup and sandwiches! then i got married and learned "on the job"

20. Tagging .... anyone who wants to play along!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What My Day Looks Like

(well, i can't get blogger to allow me to upload pics so i'm going to post this without pics today)

FOR TODAY October 13th ...

Outside My Window... is sunshine, fall colors, blue skies, with a dusting of snow on the mtns from this weekend. beautiful! i love living here in boise.

I am thinking... about how to pare down, trim back, cut costs, and how much my Father in Heaven loves me and will care for me during this time.

I am thankful for... the love of God, the love of family, the love of friends, and a beautiful sunny crisp day to enjoy

From the kitchen... i have chicken ready for tonite's dinner, add to that some veggies or salad, and brown rice. mmm!
I am wearing... blue casual pants & pink longsleeve t-shirt

I am creating... a comfy haven for my family in our tiny apt

I am going... to take my son to the dentist this afternoon

I am reading... Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver; very good, very thot provoking book

I am hoping... for our money to stretch this month, for the Lord's bountiful blessing on our family, for us to be able to be a blessing to others. "i do not possess silver and gold but what i do have i give to you ..." Acts 3:6
I am hearing... talk radio

Around the house... laundry to be done, folded, ironed and put away

One of my favorite things... orange and licorice gumdrops

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: get into my sewing area and start sewing again. can't wait! its therapy for me to be crafty. also pull out my card making things and make up about 12-15 cards to sell at my sisters school.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our New Church

one of our prayer requests and concerns when we moved was finding a new church. i enjoy going to other churches and seeing what the Lord is doing in their congregation, but i dont' enjoy searching for a new church for our family. we have specific needs and desires and it is often hard to find a church that meets all of our criteria. first off, we wanted one that preached the Word of God. i know that seems like a given, but there are others out there that don't really follow that line of thinking. we also wanted a church that would have something that would accomodate joe and his special needs. we werent' sure what that would look like but we knew that we would know it when we saw it. we also wanted a friendly church. only knowing a few people in our new town we knew that we would want to make friends in the church that we were going to call home.

we visited a few churches when we first got moved. and we were discouraged. nothing seemed to be a good fit. too big, not friendly, weird teaching, or something else that disqualified an otherwise good church. just when we were weary of the church search, we were over at our friends house playing cards. their adult son came over after turkey hunting and we got to chatting about churches. he told us about a church he had visited and told us how friendly they were. we made a decision right then to visit it the next day.

we arrived at the Pursuit and were greeted warmly by the craig, the "official" greeter. he remembered our names when we left and has every sunday since. we found out where the children's classes were and found out that this was the first sunday they were having a class just for kids with special needs. 2 special ed teachers from surrounding districts lead it. joe felt immediately at home and waved goodbye to us. it has been an awesome answer to prayer. natalie or amy take joe to the worship time with the other kids in the big room. joe loves music so this is great for him. and then when he has had enough they go back to the room, where there are therapy toys for him to play with as well as a christian dvd playing for him to watch.

the worship is energetic--someitmes i feel like i'm in the middle of a youth camp! but it also slows down and is worshipful. the pastor is also friendly, and dives right into the Bible. we are going thru the book of Colossians, which happens to be one of my fav books.

its not too big, but is growing. and i can see why. plus they have coffee, juice, bagels, muffins, and donuts for everyone. joe especially loves that and signs "candy"(his sign for anything delish) when we walk in the doors.

we weren't able to go this morning cuz joe and i are still getting well, but i can't wait til next week. i am so thankful that the Lord has led us to the Pursuit.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

sick child, sick mom

our #1 son has been threatening all week to be sick. you know, the almost runny nose, whiny attitude, tired off and on. well, this morning he had the fullblown ick, so dad/hubby let him sleep and me too. we finally woke up after 9am when the phone rang. we kept the poor guy home. he spent the majority of the day in bed and didn't want b'fast or lunch. now that its almost dinnertime he's starting to feel better and i'm feeling like i've got the crud. since our son is nonverbal we often have to guess what he's feeling, but if i come down with the same i can usually hazard a pretty acurate guess. headache-- check! sinus congestions-- check! fever -- check! aches -- check! so i think i'm going to bed early tonite. and maybe i'll have something wonderful for my blog readers tomorrow. goodnite!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Blogs of Interest

one of my fav things to do is to surf around the internet. find new blogs of interest that i haven't seen before or visit ones that i've forgotton about that are too great to be forgotton. most times i find these gems by following a link, which leads me to another link, and to another ... its like a treasure hunt. well, i decided i couldn't keep all this bloggy goodness to myself. i just have to share it with you!

recently i found a couple remarkable gems. and i've been remiss in sharing a couple oldie but goodies that i've been keeping to myself.

do any of you visit simple mom? wow--what a goldmine of information. i love how she has set up her categories and when she shares links its all organized and structured. poirot would have loved her. she mentions dave ramsey, blogs on frugality, green living, making your home a haven, kids, crafts and recipes, and has recently moved overseas.that of course, is a plus in my eyes as i have a huge interest in living overseas.

then thru her blog, i found Mt Hope Chronicles i just love that name mt hope--doesn't that just evoke a calming sensation in you? last week she was going thru some rough stuff with her health, but even so you couldn't help but fall in love with her and her family.

i have also been remiss in not having my friend joanna's blog on my blog roll. joanna, is a new mom, a college student and the first aide we had for our son when we first moved to idaho many years ago. we loved her then and we love her now. i can't wait to see her baby in person, but now we live about 4 hours apart so it might be awhile.

i also have visited off and on a great blogger whose blog is called kisses of sunshine, isnt' that sweet? can you tell by now that i really like titles? and i'm really disappointed if a blog has a great title but the content doesn't match up. but gibee at kisses does not disappoint. she is a lovely woman with a great son. she dealt with infertility as i did, she's a crafter, and she has a great sense of humor.

so if you are wondering how to spend the next 30 minutes go visit one or all of these blogs. tell them that gail sent you!

My Boys

i love,love,love this pic of my two boys. it was taken a couple years ago, but it still emanates who they are. fun loving smiles, heads together--yes they are quite bonded. one big guy and one not so big. these are my boys and i love them both. when they are playing together or roughhousing or giggling and laughing i just love to sit back and watch. they have such an infectious way about them when they are together.

this post was brought to you by 5 minutes for special needs.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Do You Ever ....

i had a few errands to run this afternoon. one was to the grocery store, and instead of being rushed and having a huge grocery list to check over i picked up my 3 items and then strolled over to the magazine rack. i enjoy a good magazine and love to look at different ones for ideas and inspiration. but since moving into this college apt and out of my own home, i have noticed that decorating, remodeling, and other home magazines just made me have the "I WANTS" do you get the "I WANTS"? that's where every where you turn you see something you would like to have, but doesn't really fit in with your priorities, season of life, or budget at the moment. and it only makes me feel dreary and droopy.

looking at those mags with their beautiful color schemes, tabletop ornamentation and cute decor makes me discontent with where i am in life. and that's the crux of the matter isn't it? the "I WANTS" lead to discontentment instead of rejoicing in where God has me for this season. its leads to looking at what I DON'T HAVE, rather than what I DO HAVE.

so for this season, i've resolved to bypass those homestyle mags, to not tempt myself with the "I WANTS" and to instead rejoice in where i am and what i do have, and know that someday, i may once again have my own home where i can decorate to my hearts content. in the meantime, i dont' have to do any painting, or fixing up of our abode other than cleaning it. i don't have any lawn care or outside maintenance. i can walk across the street and enjoy the beautiful setting of the university without having to lift a finger.

so what about you? are you in a season of life where you would like something, but it isn't the right time or season? i'd love to hear your story.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6

A Peek into My Day

i have seen this on the blogosphere, but this is my first time participating. i tracked down where it originates from and am pleased to share that the Simple Woman hosts it every monday. check her site out if you're interested in joining the fun.

FOR TODAY October 6th ...
Outside My Window... students walking, biking and driving, bustling energy from the university.
I am thinking... about how to structure my days, and where my priorities are.
I am thankful for... the cool, crisp Autumn weather
From the kitchen... my decaf mocha brewing--mmm!
I am wearing... my blue jean capris and my plum longsleeve top.
I am creating... an area for my crafty projects, my own little spot
I am going... to the library to get books on hold, and drop off stuff at the thrift store.
I am reading... the bread lover's bread machine cookbook.
I am hoping... for God to provide all that we need for this months expenses.
I am hearing... the sound of silence. so nice!
Around the house... chores beckon my name after a busy weekend.
One of my favorite things... sleeping in and waking up slowly.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: workout at the Y, drive back to our old house and pick up a buffet that didn't sell, have a date nite with hubby.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

a beautiful row of potted petunia's from spring.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thankful Thursday

its time to rattle off my list of thankful items for the week. i just love this exercise in gratitude. it really does help my focus and mood. i'm thankful that iris hosts it every week. and she has set up a new blog called grace alone ... where it happens. love that title.

so what, may you ask, am i thankful for this week? oh, i'm glad you asked.

i give thanks to the Lord for:

~~ the wonderful season of Autumn, the crisp cool mornings, the beautiful reds, oranges, yellows and other colors that grace the trees and bushes. and football! college football of course. Go Broncos!!!

~~ Gods goodness and faithfulness to us. no matter what we are going thru and need, God meets us there. i am in awe of how He cares for me.

~~ good friends who cheer one up when one needs it, who come alongside when going thru tough times, who laugh with you when you are silly, and who encourage you to keep going when you would rather quit.

~~ for the new church that we have found. the biblical teaching, the exuberient worship time, the friendly people, and the awesome class they have for special kiddos like our son. we are so thankful for the Lord showing us this church and hope to be apart of it for a long time.

~~ for my mom who is my cheerleader with my writing. as an accomplished, published writer herself, and where i must get any gift of writing i have, she takes time out of her busy writing time to encourage me and ask my opinion of her writing. which is an honor for me. tho our styles are different as well as our audiences, i hope her self discipline and love of rewriting will rub off on me.

~~ for my family. the Lord knew what i needed and gave me 2 great guys who are so special. who encourage me, challenge me, support me, and love me. thank you Lord!

so how bout you? what are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday

Jer 17:7 "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose trust is the Lord."

a previous pastor of ours spoke on this passage a few years ago and this verse always stuck with me. the way it says trusts IN The Lord and then says trust IS The Lord made me pause and consider. at first, they look the same. just a slight change in verbage ... but no, as i look closer at the verse i see a bit more. to trust in the Lord is great. its an outer kind of action. its like i'm trusting in what He will do. i'm trusting IN the Lord. but then when my trust IS the Lord that makes it more intimate, deeper. when my trust is the Lord i'm putting all my eggs in that basket, i'm putting all my trust in Him, not just what He can and will do, but who He is. His character, His faithfulness, His very essence. i love that. i love both, and i need to remember to do both.

Special Exposure Wednesday

joe loves to rake, sweep, mow or do anything else with tools outside. here he is helping dad clean up the fall leaves.

i just love the fall colors and the cool, crisp, sunny days.

if you want to see more special kiddos hop on over to 5 minutes for special needs