Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday

Jer 17:7 "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose trust is the Lord."

a previous pastor of ours spoke on this passage a few years ago and this verse always stuck with me. the way it says trusts IN The Lord and then says trust IS The Lord made me pause and consider. at first, they look the same. just a slight change in verbage ... but no, as i look closer at the verse i see a bit more. to trust in the Lord is great. its an outer kind of action. its like i'm trusting in what He will do. i'm trusting IN the Lord. but then when my trust IS the Lord that makes it more intimate, deeper. when my trust is the Lord i'm putting all my eggs in that basket, i'm putting all my trust in Him, not just what He can and will do, but who He is. His character, His faithfulness, His very essence. i love that. i love both, and i need to remember to do both.


Michele Williams said...

Very good post. Thank you for sharing.

Denise said...

Such a nice post.

Deanna said...

What a great way to look at that Scripture. Great post.