Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Meme: 5 Things About Me

i found this off another bloggers blog, sorry can't remember who now! but it looked like fun, so I thought I would play along. If you haven't participated in the 5 Things about me meme - please do! It's so fun to learn about you gals (and guys)!

5 things under $5.00 that I couldn't live without:

my lipbalm
my hand lotion
my baby powder
my hair clip
my toothbrush and toothpaste

5 favorite movies:

the princess bride
groundhogs day
the matrix
the lord of the rings trilogy (ok i'm cheating with these cuz they are multiple movies!)
the thin man series

5 favorite baby names I love

josiah (ok, i'm biased)

5 songs I love

if i loved you ... (ballad)
blessed be the name of the Lord
almost anything by casting crowns
crocodile rock (becuz my son loves it)
in the year 2525 (and you get extra credit if you know who sang this and what year!)

5 life changing moments:

the day i married my man
the day i gave birth to my son
the day we recieved our son's dx
the day my hubby fell 35 feet and flatlined on the way to the hospital
the day we discovered i had a tumor (turned out to be benign)

5 current obsessions:

Boise State Football--go broncos!
organizing my tiny apt
fou-fou coffee with friends, hubby, whoever!

5 places I want to go

italy, portugal, spain, france, switzerland, and the rest of europe
a cruise around the greek isles
new zealand
a cross country road trip around the US
the carribean
(can you tell i have wanderlust?)

5 appliances or kitchen tools I could not live without

my espresso maker
Kitchen Aid Mixer
my bread maker
my cast iron pan
my can opener!!! hee hee

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*carrie* said...


I'm curious to know why you're such a fan of baby powder!