Friday, October 31, 2008

This n That Friday

a couple weeks ago, i dug out our winter clothes. got the coats, and sweaters, boots and mittens out. unfortunately, only found one hat and no scarves. i remember packign them up but don't know where they got themselves to. when we moved back to idaho 4 yrs ago, the scarf knitting rage was all ablaze here and i entered with gusto. i think i made 10 scarves for our family. so what's a girl to do? start knitting again. i got a flecked tan and red one finished for the hubster, and am working on a mossy green one for myself. yarns i already had in my stash so i didn't have to have to put anything out of pocket! always love that.

i have had my eyes on a couple patterns for wrist warmers and fingerless gloves, but i don't think my skills have gotton up to that level yet. i'll update you on this if it comes about. i find with my knitting skills i start a lot of projects and end up ripping them out several times before either perfecting it or giving up. aaaah, such is life, right?

the frugal meals are going well so far. will update on the whole subject on monday.

this weekend we are going to a membership meeting at our church, The Pursuit. i'm looking forward to finding out more aobut the church we have chosen as well as getting to know some other newbies.

hubby is home for lunch, so i'm off. gotta beat him in backgammon. i've been losing of late and that is never good!

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