Thursday, October 09, 2008

sick child, sick mom

our #1 son has been threatening all week to be sick. you know, the almost runny nose, whiny attitude, tired off and on. well, this morning he had the fullblown ick, so dad/hubby let him sleep and me too. we finally woke up after 9am when the phone rang. we kept the poor guy home. he spent the majority of the day in bed and didn't want b'fast or lunch. now that its almost dinnertime he's starting to feel better and i'm feeling like i've got the crud. since our son is nonverbal we often have to guess what he's feeling, but if i come down with the same i can usually hazard a pretty acurate guess. headache-- check! sinus congestions-- check! fever -- check! aches -- check! so i think i'm going to bed early tonite. and maybe i'll have something wonderful for my blog readers tomorrow. goodnite!


Amazing_Grace said...

I hope you two feel better soon!


*carrie* said...


Hope you've gotten some good rest the past couple days!