Sunday, December 27, 2009

Changes for Spring Semester

Even tho hubby has only 2 classes he needs to take to graduate in May, in order to recieve fin aid, he has to take a full class load. And in order to stay in campus apts he has to be a full time student. So he is back to taking 4 classes instead of the 2 he needs. But that's ok, cuz its the last semester!!!

He is enjoying his break and has a full month off. We are celebrating with family in WA and enjoying the time we have here. There will be a honey-do list waiting when we return to Boise, but I don't think hubby is too motivated to work on it.

I'm spending the next couple days with my sister and my mom ... alone! How awesome is that. Some girl time--yes! The hubster and #1 son will hang out with grandpa and I'm sure they won't miss me much.

Til next time ....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finals Week

I think hubby and I agree that this has been the semester from Hell. Having to take 5 classes instead of 4 because of an unforseenable set of circumstances, 3 of which have been night classes--Yikes! Having one of the classes taught by a novice PhD who knows very little about biz and expects 30 page papers (he's not an English major, folks!) Having a group project assigned in EVERY class with other students who are full time students, work part or full time and most with families---double yikes!

But classes are over and now its final week. The end is in sight. Hubby's head is in the books and he has forwarned us that he will be scarce until thursday afternoon. Then we will get to celebrate!

And next semester, his last, is looking sunny indeed. He only needs 2 classes to graduate, and that's all he's taking! Woo hoo!!! One is a night class, but I think we can live with that. There is light at the end of the tunnel and its looking quite bright.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Which Path Are You Traveling?

I'm at a crossroads here on Challenges and Adventures. In fact, I don't even know what path I'm on or where its going. When I started this blog, I was in love! I loved blogging and couldn't wait to blog I chose the title cuz I thot I would blog about my son and our challenges with him, but that seemed a bit too public. We're a bit of a private family. I also thot I'd blog more about my husband and his challenges with vision impairment and retraining, but that didn't end up happening either. I knew I would blog about my faith, but I have only done that in spurts.

I tried blogging about my hobbies, my pet, our outings and roadtrips. I would have loved to have blogged about home decor, except that we're crammed into student housing and I have not decorated the way I would like too. Most of my stuff is in storage or I sold it. We had to downsize to the extreme when we moved. Plus its not a priority right now with our limited budget. Once we are settled after hubby graduates, I know the nesting instinct will return. I would also enjoy blogging about style and clothes, but again, its not a priority in my life, tho I have been upping my style factor the last 6 months.

I read a variety of blogs and love all their different niches they express. But mine, it just feels like a big pile of clutter, kinda like my dining room table at the moment. A reflection of my life, if you will. I have so many diverse interests in life that I don't have a niche, nor do I really want one. Yet, I can't seem to make my varied, eclectic style work on this blog. It seems too scattered, and most people don't like reading a scattered blog. It doesn't really fall into the "mommy blog" catergory as my son is a tween. And an only child. Its not really a family blog either, as I haven't shared alot of what goes on in our day to day life. Again, I can't seem to get over my privacy concerns with the internet. I don't homeschool, tho I always thot I would before we discovered our son's diagnosis. We're both happier with him in school. I'm not an expert at anything, yet I enjoy dabbling-learning about-experimenting in alot of subjects, flitting from one idea to the next.

I'm not into giveaways or contests, I try to live frugally, but don't really enjoy blogging about it. I've been married 20+ years, so alot of the things younger moms and wives blog about I did eons ago and its either an ingrained habit or it doens't apply to where I am in life .... So is there a niche for a middle aged, God loving, faith holding, starting over, wife, helpmate, and taxi driver to vision impaired, student of the semester in his dept!! (so proud of you honey!)almost graduated hunky middle aged man I married, and mom to sweet tween special needs son, woman with no expertise in life/career/vocation, mediocre crafter/sewer/knitter with interests that change from day to day, week to week??? Ya, I didn't think so!

So how 'bout you? If you have a blog, what is your niche?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

My New Birthday Gift

Having a birthday in mid December has always been a bain to my pleasure loving self. So many years presents got combined and parties overlooked, whether due to financial strains, overloaded schedules or simply a case of "too much, too much!"

On the other hand, I love having a birthday that is smack dab in the middle of the prettiest time of year. With the hint of snow in the air, the festive decoartions in stores and along the streets, houses lit up with lights, its a fun time to celebrate.

This year the party is starting early! Last month my laptop died and I have been sharing my hubby's which has seriously cramped my web cruising. Not having access to my pics or being able to download anything, plus our printer doesn't work with his laptop ... ugh!

But cyber monday morning, he announced that he had just done almost all of his shopping for the season! I think this is the first year in our 25 years that he has finished his shopping before me. Gotta love online shopping.

And tonight after dinner, he presented me with this beauty. My new inpiron mini. Its adorable and fun. I'm typing on it right now and the keyboard isn't that much smaller than I'm used to. I can't wait to discover all the goodies it has to offer. And I'll soon have pics to put on this blog once again. Its a good thing!

Til next time ...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Boise Football

Boise State Football is big here in Boise Idaho, and even bigger here on campus. Last year being our first year here, we got into the spirit and watched every game on tv. This fall, hubby said he wanted to go to a game. So we checked the calendar and marked a few that might be possibilities. But for one reason or another, we never got tickets, until last week. BSU vs Nevada. Nevada had been coming on strong after a slow start and was the only undefeated team left besides us. So a match up was on!

When we talked about buying the tickets I knew the game was the day after Thanksgiving, but I thought it would be a day game. After our tickets were purchased I found out that the start time was 8pm! oh nooooooooooooooo! I knew that trouble was brewing. All week I looked for a babysitter, but came up empty handed. On game day, hubby finally made an executive decision and bought #1 son a ticket. And after a week full of sunshine a storm decided to make its way thru our area and the rain arrived. At 7:15 we bundled up in longjohns and jeans, 3 pairs of shirts, extra socks, gloves, hats, hoodies and coats and walked over to the stadium. We arrived 3 minutes before kickoff and found our way to the student section.

#1 son was a trooper. He liked the cheering crowd and the noise. He liked the hotdog that dad bought and seemed to like watching the big brawny players on the field. It was an exciting first half with lots of scoring. At half time, cold and wet we walked home to watch the rest of the game (which BSU won!! woo hoo)
in the comfy warmth of our home.

So when was the last time you went to a college football game?

Til next time ....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday --- Birthday Boy!!!

I am posting this from hubsters computer as mine died this week. Therefore, no photos--boo hoo! But you can see what birthday boy looks like on the header.

12 years ago today I was laboring to deliver this beautiful 9lb 9 oz bundle of dark brown hair and lovely brown eyes. He finally came into the world mid morning and our life has never been the same.

Today we will be eating pizza, watching the new jim carey Christmas movie, and having cake for dessert to celebrate. There will be a few gifts to open and lots of laughter and giggles. Singing will happen and we will all tumble into bed happy and exhausted I'm sure.

Til next time ....

Friday, November 13, 2009


Tomorrow I'm joining a friend to sell my crafts at a local church bazaar. These past couple weeks I've been in a frenzy of creating luscious cards worthy of purchase by discerning buyers. I don't mass produce so each one is individual and a work of 'art' .... or not!

Its been fun, but exhausting as well. I love it when a card comes together and I stand back and look at it and go "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh". And I hate it when I'm staring at a blank piece of cardstock and don't have any idea of where to proceed. Ah, the dilemnas of being a crafter.

Yesterday, we had Josiah's IEP meeting. IEP's are those documents that state goals and objectives for kiddo's who have special needs or need special accomadations. This meeting in particular I was asking for some extra work in Joe's basic life skills and wasn't sure if it would be recieved well by the teacher and the rest of the team. But the meeting went well. Now to implement it and see if Joe can make some progress.

And lastly, Joe's b-day is next Saturday and I've been out shopping for special gifts for a special boy.

Til next time ....

Monday, November 09, 2009

Inspiration for Today

Amy Deanne over at 160 acre woods is a wonderful godly woman and shares freely what she creates. She made this one and I decided I wanted to show it to you all. I love how the Message says she's up preparing b'fast for her family and organizing her day. I really need to be reminded to organize my day. And to remember that by organizing my day I'm being a Proverbs 31 woman.

So how 'bout you? Has anything inspired you lately?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Update on Microwave Free Living

Over 6 months ago, our microwave died and at the time we decided not to replace it. It wasn't cuz of any enviromental issues or even money, tho its been nice to not spend $$ we could use for other essentials on replacing it. No, it was cuz I wanted the COUNTER SPACE!!! Living with a tiny, tiny apt kitchen, counter space is at a premium.

I always knew that if it got soooooooooo bad, that we could indeed get another micro. But suprisingly, we haven't missed it much. I mean really, there are alternatives to heating up water in the micro. Who knew? Only 2 or 3 occasions has it been a major inconvenience. But not enough of an inconvenience to make me want to give up my beloved counter space for a space hogging micro.

So what have I learned from this experiment? That water does boil on the stove in a pot. That air popped popcorn doesn't burn. That you have to plan ahead if you want to make baked potatoes in the oven--it takes an hour! And that micro dinners/lunches cooked in the oven just don't taste the same.

I don't know that I'll ever go back to having that space hog appliance in my kitchen again. It's been a good thing!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dreams & Car Rides

Saturday we got out of "dodge" and drove out into the countryside. Hubby and I love going on a drive and the joe-boy puts up with us. We explored some areas we hadn't explored and saw some beautiful rangeland full of sage brush and cattle. But the best part of our drives is our conversations. These can range from what the hubster is studying in his classes, current politics and the idiocy of our govt to how we're doing with the Lord and where we'd like to live when we retire. The later came up yesterday and we had a great meeting of the minds.

Before Michael's accident we often dreamed of having 10 acres with sheep,

goats, chickens,

assorted exotic birds like emus and ostrich, an orchard, a vineyard,

a large garden

along with a huge shop, alternative energy sources and lots of do it yourself projects. A gentleman's farm if you will, making it as self sufficient as possible. But after Michael's vision loss we put those dreams aside.

Yeserday we resurrected them. Now that we're 6 years into our life with Michael's vision loss we have learned better what he can accomplish and what he can't and where I can be his eyes for him.

It's fun to dream. We aren't making any sure and fast plans at this point, but if and when an opportunity presents itself, you just may find us out in the country somewhere.

How 'bout you? Do you know where you want to be in 10-15 years? At retirement? I'd love to hear where your ideal place on the planet is.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WFW Jeremiah 33:3

It's Wednesday! And that can only mean another round of WFW. I'm so glad I'm back and making WFW a part of my life again.

Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things you do not know.

I just love it when the Lord beckons us to Him, calls us into fellowship. I can just see Him with this little finger crooked and calling us closer, like a fav grandfather who has a secret He wants to share with his grandchild.

Go check out all the other wonderful photos and verses at Christy's place. You'll be blessed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband

This is the card I made for my husband. It's one of my all time favorite cards I've made and I think I'll make a few more like it. Maybe with some different colors.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

If you were around this summer, you might remember me thinking about moving. But I found that the rents didn't go down that much, and we actually have a great deal here on campus.

But in 7 months, my honey will be graduating and we will HAVE to move. So along that vein, I've been thinking of what I want in a place when that time comes.

More storage!!!
Whether we find an apt, townhouse, or home, we definitely need more storage. Yes, we did downsize and get rid of a ton of stuff, but there's always stuff you have to have on hand that need a home, like hammers, sleeping bags, and turkey roasters.

A porch, balcony or other type of outside living space.
This apt has been great, but its one major downfall is that it does not have a balcony. I really miss being able to open a door to the outside. Or sit outside and watch the world go by. So having a balcony, patio or whatnot is very important.

Pet Friendly
Joe and I really would like another puppy or kitty. Mike is coming around to the idea too. I really miss having a dog. There's just something about canines that make my life brighter.

Those are the main things I've been thinking about. There are other lesser items, but if I could have those 3 I'd be a happy dweller.

Til next time ....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Revisiting WFW .... At Last!

I haven't participated in Word Filled Wednesday in months, and I've been missing it alot! The last few weeks as my routine has settled down into a nice, fall groove, I have kept telling myself, I need to get a WFW post ready, but each week Wednesday would sneak up on me and I would find myself looking at others WFW posts without having one on my blog. But this week all that changed!

Gal 2:10 "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."

Lori over at All You Have to Give is hosting WFW this week. So go check out her blog which has all the participants listed, including me =) But you already knew that!

And enjoy! God's word is so good. Refreshing, encouraging, and even convicting.

Til next time ....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Birthday Parade

We now enter what I have affectionately termed the birthday parade. The hubster is first up with his b-day in a week or so, then the #1 boy has his, and finally I get to celebrate mine right before Christmas.

So what did I do today? Went shopping for gifts. I found a couple nice things for the hubster at great prices--gotta love that! And saw a couple things that might be work for the Job-boy next month. Gonna talk it over with Michael and see what he thinks.

Up this week, finding a babysitter for #1 son so Michael and I can go out to eat, a b-day tradition. Make reservations at the restaurant he chose. And find a great recipe for carrot cake, which I will be baking for him. He loves carrot cake!

I look forward to celebrating with Michael. And it really isn't that stressful to put together, even if I do joke about it. For the Joe-boy, the menu is the easy part. Pizza and more pizza! And maybe an ice cream cake, like I used to get when I was his age. But I'm needing some good gift ideas for him. Still I have a month to look around.

We'll see what the boys plan for my day. And it wont' be last minute Christmas shopping!

Til next time ....

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ready to Brainstorm???

This semester the hubby is taking 3 night classes. It's not our favorite schedule, nor his, but it couldn't be helped. So on Mon, Tues, and Wed evenings the #1 son and I hang out. Now that the weather has turned and the evenings are getting darker faster, I don't see us going anywhere in the evenings. Josiah typically likes to watch his fav shows (Phinneus and Ferb, anyone???) and his dvd's. He also likes to scribble with pencils, erase the scribble marks, and cut with scissors. I need to be in the same room with him, watching over him and this is where my dilemna comes in.

I want to be busy doing something, instead of just veggin in front of the TV or computer. But I can't dive into any big projects that require alot of space or tools. So I'm thinking if I could have some small handwork to keep my hands busy that would work. But what??? Besides knitting, what would be good handwork for our evenings together that I could lay down at a moments notice to help out the young one? And then pick up again, and know where I was at .... I'm thinking something mindless would work best.

So peeps, what do you got for me? Give me ideas so I dont' waste the next 9 weeks of the semester in front of the boob tube.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Good Food, Got Any?

Have you noticed how many great cooks and awesome recipes are out there in cyberland? On Tuesdays in particular, there seems to be a plethora of blogs that have recipe roundups. I haven't participated, per se. But this morning I took a gander at several blogs and just have to let you in on the great ideas. I also want to remember where I found these recipes instead of printing them all out and then losing them in the clutter I call our kitchen.

Here's the ones I found. If you have found some share, share! One can never have too many recipes, tho I think I'm coming close.

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Never Fail Pie Crust (freezable) Makes 6 crusts

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars

Touchdown Taco Pockets

Spicy Sweet Deviled Eggs

Sourdough Starter and Rolls

Monday, September 28, 2009

Is It Fall Yet?

(pics from 2 years ago)

This has been an unusual September for me. 90 degree days much of the time or if not 90, at least 80 degrees. When we had warm September days back in WA we would call it an Indian summer (but it was never this warm) .... don't know what to call it here! And yes, this is a bit of a whine on my part. I love fall. The colors, the cool crisp mornings and evenings with just a hint of warmth in the afternoon .... hear that! just a hint I tell ya! Not the full-bloomin summer heat, thank you very much.

So I watch the weatherman every night. Waiting ... watching ... and then last week he started talking about a cool down. Yippee!! But of course, its a cool down Idaho style. Today 90 degrees or so. Tomorrow 75 or there abouts with a chance of rain in the afternoon. So far so good. Next day .... 56! Say what??? And October 1st, 60 degrees. Say what? Say what? Where did all my luscious 68-72 degrees of fall splendor go?

If you didn't do the math, that's about a 35 degree drop in 48 hours! Sigh .... So what's a girl to do, but go with the flow. So I took all my flip flops and sandals and put them away for another year, I pulled out my winter shoes and boots. Tomorrow I'm pulling out my sweaters, scarves and jackets. And I am looking forward to wearing them. So fun to snuggle into the warmth of a great sweater.

And you never know, next week we may have a 70 degree day before the snows hit!

So how 'bout you? What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Are the seasons changing where you are?

Til next time ....

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Little Slice of Heaven

In August, we took a quick trip back to WA state. One of the things we really wanted to do was visit some old friends which we happily were able to do. We drove out to Rick & Jan's place and had a wonderful afternoon of fellowship and picnicing in their backyard. Our friends Jim and Sue also joined us and a good time was had by all as only people who have known you for 20+ years can!

We caught up on recent events in each others lives and had the grand tour of the place. Around 3 acres, Rick and Jan have been busy making it a special retreat for all who get the privilige of enjoying it with them.

All those years ago, we would often go out to their place just to enjoy the fire in their firepit. Joe discovered the pit soon after we arrived and couldn't wait for Rick to light it up.

Elsewhere on the property, Rick has built a pond with a gurgling fountain. He built a greenhouse, which for some reason my pic I took seems to be missing! And they have planted wonderful plants to entice birds and butterflies to come visit.

My limited pics don't do their place justice, unfortunately.

Good memories of that day several weeks ago! It filled our emotional tanks to have time to visit with our friends. Can't wait to see them again ...

Til next time ....

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Neglecting The Blog

Sigh .... I have been a terrible blogger. I have been neglecting my blog. I have been living in the real world instead! What a thought! I do have thoughts to share, and pictures too. Tho none have been uploaded from the camera since July! Summer was good to us, summer in Idaho is truly summer. The kind of summer I wished I had had as a child. Instead of those rainy, cold summers I remember from my youth.

But now I'm ready for FALL. Both boys are back in school. The hubster is studying hard and doing great. Whereas the #1 son is having issues, mainly not wanting to "work" but rather wanting to play. I asked him if he likes school, and he nodded his head "yes", so being at school isn't the problem. I know he likes the social interaction. Its more likely the expectation that he might have to learn something! Oh boy!

And me, I'm enjoying, but at the same time having a hard time adjusting to my new routine. I find myself being amazingly productive, and then having bouts of wandering around not knowing what to do with myself, or worse, wasting time on the computer! Yikes! But I know I'll find my groove, esp as the weather cools down and Fall becomes a reality here in Southern Idaho.

Til Next Time ....

Monday, August 24, 2009

School Time! Yip Yip Yippee!

Today the hubster went back to school! woohoo!!! yippee And next monday, the #1 son starts back. And that means I get my house back to myself! Can I hear an Amen, Sista???

I am so ready. Tho summer has been fun, and lots of memories have been made, its time to get back into the routine of life and that includes school for the male members of this house.

I am looking forward to doing some cleaning that got overlooked, some more decluttering and organizing, get back to my exercise routine i started last fall, and finding the rhythem of my life.

So in honor of this new school year excitement I just had to change out my blog background. I'm keeping my pic of #1 son for now, but that may change soon too.

So how bout you? What are you doing in honor of a new school year beginning?

Til next time ....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did Me Some Yoga!

One of my goals for this past year has been to do yoga once a week. We've had our Y membership for a year now and I've known they offer yoga classes. but I never got up the courage to go to a class. Finally this week I sent out an email to my girlfriends and asked if anyone wanted to join me for the beginner's class. My friend Mandy wrote me back telling me she loves yoga and would love to join me.

So tonite, I entered the world of yoga! and it was great! It was challenging, and invigorating. I couldn't hold all the poses for as long as the instructor did, but I felt exilerated when I was able to even get into a pose.

It was a small class with just 4 of us and the instructor, so she was able to come over and help us with our posture and balance. Afterwards I felt like I had run a race, but was curiously relaxed at the same time.

Hubby encouraged me to go again! I think I'll take him up on that offer before he remembers that means watching our son for the evening =)

So how bout you? Have you tried anything new lately? Ever done yoga? Do you like to drag a friend with you when you try something new?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back from Vacation or Boy, My Pants are Tight

We are back home, and I've almost caught up on my laundry. As you can see by the title we had lots of good times with good food to eat. Too much! So its back to healthy eating for me.

Pics are still in the camera waiting to be uploaded for your viewing pleasure--soon, I promise!

The hubster has all his classes set for this semester. He has bought all but one textbook. And classes start this coming monday. Unfortunately, 3 of his classes meet at night--yuk! But we'll deal with it.

Then a week later, the #1 son starts the 5th grade. Wow, where did the years go? We will be doing some school clothes shopping between now and then. Shoes are a must as his feet seem to be growing. Underwear and pants are also on the list. I found some great shirt buys at the thrift store while on vacation. Gotta love those bargains.

So how 'bout you? Are you gearing up for school? Or just looking forward to the fall season?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vacation Time

We are heading out tomorrow morning for a couple weeks of vacation time. We will be visiting family, some old friends, and having some quality fam time. Most of our trip is planned, but we have a bit of an open agenda for a couple days.

Hopefully, I'll have some great pics to upload when we get back. And then we'll be talking about back to school. Til next time ...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day of My Own

Over a week ago, I planned and prepared my family for a day without me. I had my itinierary, my books, my journal, my Bible, my music, snacks, water and lipgloss. Can't go anywhere without my lipgloss, ya know.

I had decided to drive north to my fav spot by the river. While driving, I listened to a great sermon and had lots to think about. When I arrived it was already warming up, but there were spots left. Unfortunately there was a loud group of kids who were camping there, but I soon tuned them out.

I had a wonderful time of reading my Bible and praying. I took time to journal and plan. I had specifically wanted to spend some time thinking and praying over my priorities, my time and daily direction. Being a stay at home mom I wear alot of hats and juggling all the balls I have, I often find myself dropping one or two or all of them. By taking time to pray and ponder, I'm hopeful that I can tackle the needs of each day.

I'm hoping to take another day this fall, and encourage you to do the same. If its possible with your family obligations, it is a wonderful way to spend a little extra time with God.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photos from Deception Pass, WA

I have some new photos from our trip to WA to share with you.

Joe at his favorite place: the shoreline.

Isn't this a great photo of this old shelter! I just love the old wood and stone shelter nestled in the trees.

Joe making his way to the shore with the Deception Pass bridge in the background.

Joe enjoying the sand of the west beach. We didnt' really dress for the beach, it was a really nice day there.

Til next time ...