Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ready to Brainstorm???

This semester the hubby is taking 3 night classes. It's not our favorite schedule, nor his, but it couldn't be helped. So on Mon, Tues, and Wed evenings the #1 son and I hang out. Now that the weather has turned and the evenings are getting darker faster, I don't see us going anywhere in the evenings. Josiah typically likes to watch his fav shows (Phinneus and Ferb, anyone???) and his dvd's. He also likes to scribble with pencils, erase the scribble marks, and cut with scissors. I need to be in the same room with him, watching over him and this is where my dilemna comes in.

I want to be busy doing something, instead of just veggin in front of the TV or computer. But I can't dive into any big projects that require alot of space or tools. So I'm thinking if I could have some small handwork to keep my hands busy that would work. But what??? Besides knitting, what would be good handwork for our evenings together that I could lay down at a moments notice to help out the young one? And then pick up again, and know where I was at .... I'm thinking something mindless would work best.

So peeps, what do you got for me? Give me ideas so I dont' waste the next 9 weeks of the semester in front of the boob tube.

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Deryk and Jo said...

I don't have any suggestions as far as hand work goes. I do love to make crafts for the home, but that is not what I want to suggest. I absolutely LOVE to read! I know you enjoy it as well. If I had the opportunity for an hour or two a night I would totally delve into any and all the books I've been so longing to read lately!! Maybe this might be the perfect opportunity for you to do this too! I'm so JELOUS!!! AND if you want any book suggestions I always go to the New York Times best seller list and go from there! Have fun with whatever you decide to do!