Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Month Later ...

I visit my blog often. To check out my sidebar and see what other blogs are up to. And for the last month, seeing my Christmas post there, long after Christmas has passed I have been telling myself I need to write a new post. Cuz I'm sick of seeing "merry Christmas" every time I visit.

And thru this last month, I have thought of a few things to blog about. They are still stirring around in the ol brain, not quite ready to put on paper yet (or computer screen as the case may be).

So yesterday when I was at the doc's office the nurse and I were chatting. I asked her if she was recovered from the holidays and we both realized that it has been a month, a whole month since that crazy busy holiday! Tho I love Christmas and all that goes with it, its always nice to get back to a bit of normal. And the older I get the more I feel that way.

So its back into our routine of school for #1 son, work for the hubster, household stuff like decluttering, deep cleaning and whatnot for me, along with a smidgen of writing on my novel, reading novels (research, ya know), a bit of crafting and sewing (mending mostly) and joining the ranks of thousands, if not millions on the diet treadmill.

I joined weight watchers online after talking to a good friend and seeing a couple bloggers talk about what a wonderful resource the online system is. I'm loving it and have lost 3 lbs so far. Not alot, but enough. And better yet, I'm not feeling like a failure and wanting to quit. Since I live in the boonies on the edge of nowhere going to a meeting wasn't really going to happen, so doing this online has been wonderful. (And yes, I'm still trying to adjust to living so far from anywhere! Condolence cards welcome).

So how bout you? What are you up to this January 2011?

Til next time ...