Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

If you were around this summer, you might remember me thinking about moving. But I found that the rents didn't go down that much, and we actually have a great deal here on campus.

But in 7 months, my honey will be graduating and we will HAVE to move. So along that vein, I've been thinking of what I want in a place when that time comes.

More storage!!!
Whether we find an apt, townhouse, or home, we definitely need more storage. Yes, we did downsize and get rid of a ton of stuff, but there's always stuff you have to have on hand that need a home, like hammers, sleeping bags, and turkey roasters.

A porch, balcony or other type of outside living space.
This apt has been great, but its one major downfall is that it does not have a balcony. I really miss being able to open a door to the outside. Or sit outside and watch the world go by. So having a balcony, patio or whatnot is very important.

Pet Friendly
Joe and I really would like another puppy or kitty. Mike is coming around to the idea too. I really miss having a dog. There's just something about canines that make my life brighter.

Those are the main things I've been thinking about. There are other lesser items, but if I could have those 3 I'd be a happy dweller.

Til next time ....

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Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Sounds like some big choices to make my friend! But it must be a little exciting to know that your time there is almost over. I pray that the Lord will lead you and guide the two of you as you make important decisions.

Take care my friend!
Hope you have a great week!