Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back from Vacation or Boy, My Pants are Tight

We are back home, and I've almost caught up on my laundry. As you can see by the title we had lots of good times with good food to eat. Too much! So its back to healthy eating for me.

Pics are still in the camera waiting to be uploaded for your viewing pleasure--soon, I promise!

The hubster has all his classes set for this semester. He has bought all but one textbook. And classes start this coming monday. Unfortunately, 3 of his classes meet at night--yuk! But we'll deal with it.

Then a week later, the #1 son starts the 5th grade. Wow, where did the years go? We will be doing some school clothes shopping between now and then. Shoes are a must as his feet seem to be growing. Underwear and pants are also on the list. I found some great shirt buys at the thrift store while on vacation. Gotta love those bargains.

So how 'bout you? Are you gearing up for school? Or just looking forward to the fall season?


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I feel the same way. My son and I just got back from 9 days of vacation. I ate way too much. But it was fun. Can't wait to see your pics. Maybe I'll get mine posted soon.

BTW, are you still going to nail tech school? When does that start?

Sherry C said...

Sounds like a good time was had. School doesn't start here until Sept 8th but my Ashley is going ....oh my.. i'm working on her passport a book about her for kindergarden. It's 12 pages of power point already but lots of cute pics and talk of everything she loves to do and how they can help her to be independent, encouraged and included. It's a little bit of work i hope they take the time to read it after all this. If she could talk this would be so much easier.