Monday, August 24, 2009

School Time! Yip Yip Yippee!

Today the hubster went back to school! woohoo!!! yippee And next monday, the #1 son starts back. And that means I get my house back to myself! Can I hear an Amen, Sista???

I am so ready. Tho summer has been fun, and lots of memories have been made, its time to get back into the routine of life and that includes school for the male members of this house.

I am looking forward to doing some cleaning that got overlooked, some more decluttering and organizing, get back to my exercise routine i started last fall, and finding the rhythem of my life.

So in honor of this new school year excitement I just had to change out my blog background. I'm keeping my pic of #1 son for now, but that may change soon too.

So how bout you? What are you doing in honor of a new school year beginning?

Til next time ....

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