Monday, September 28, 2009

Is It Fall Yet?

(pics from 2 years ago)

This has been an unusual September for me. 90 degree days much of the time or if not 90, at least 80 degrees. When we had warm September days back in WA we would call it an Indian summer (but it was never this warm) .... don't know what to call it here! And yes, this is a bit of a whine on my part. I love fall. The colors, the cool crisp mornings and evenings with just a hint of warmth in the afternoon .... hear that! just a hint I tell ya! Not the full-bloomin summer heat, thank you very much.

So I watch the weatherman every night. Waiting ... watching ... and then last week he started talking about a cool down. Yippee!! But of course, its a cool down Idaho style. Today 90 degrees or so. Tomorrow 75 or there abouts with a chance of rain in the afternoon. So far so good. Next day .... 56! Say what??? And October 1st, 60 degrees. Say what? Say what? Where did all my luscious 68-72 degrees of fall splendor go?

If you didn't do the math, that's about a 35 degree drop in 48 hours! Sigh .... So what's a girl to do, but go with the flow. So I took all my flip flops and sandals and put them away for another year, I pulled out my winter shoes and boots. Tomorrow I'm pulling out my sweaters, scarves and jackets. And I am looking forward to wearing them. So fun to snuggle into the warmth of a great sweater.

And you never know, next week we may have a 70 degree day before the snows hit!

So how 'bout you? What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Are the seasons changing where you are?

Til next time ....


Mary Ann said...

Yeah for fall! It's starting to cool down here. I love it!

Sherry C said...

Up in Canada a short drive from toronto I'm sending the kids to school in hoodies with warm vests over top. It's only 10C right now which i believe is close to 45F. I was wishing I had gloves on walking to school while holding Ashley metal kaye walker it was too cold on the hands this morning.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Last week in Florida, when we were on vacation at WDW, it was near 90. Here at home (GA) it was about 86 yesterday. The rest of the week it is supposed to be in the mid 70s, getting into the high 40s at night, which is about 10 degrees below average for this time of year. It never stays consistent around here. One day it's up, one day it's down. Oh well, at least it never really gets too cold here during the winter. Although, with the mild summer we've had, I'm expecting a cold winter...well at least cold for us ;)

Take care my friend! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

September 29th - in Bellevue - turned on heat today for the first time in several months!
Love, Joy

Diana said...

Love those pictures! Fall is my favorite time of year.