Sunday, December 27, 2009

Changes for Spring Semester

Even tho hubby has only 2 classes he needs to take to graduate in May, in order to recieve fin aid, he has to take a full class load. And in order to stay in campus apts he has to be a full time student. So he is back to taking 4 classes instead of the 2 he needs. But that's ok, cuz its the last semester!!!

He is enjoying his break and has a full month off. We are celebrating with family in WA and enjoying the time we have here. There will be a honey-do list waiting when we return to Boise, but I don't think hubby is too motivated to work on it.

I'm spending the next couple days with my sister and my mom ... alone! How awesome is that. Some girl time--yes! The hubster and #1 son will hang out with grandpa and I'm sure they won't miss me much.

Til next time ....

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Deryk and Jo said...

WOW! The last semester!! Its my last semester as well (I wish it were Deryk's also...oh well). Best of Luck to your family as you take this final (and large) step into the future and out of the student saga of your lives! Won't it feel so good to have this past you!?