Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This n That Tuesday

i have a ton of thots swirling thru my head, but nothing real noteworthy to blog about. so you're getting the this n that tuesday edition.

* had a nice day on sunday with the family. after a great church service, went out to brunch to celebrate hubby's b-day. then came home for a quick change and went for a drive. gorgeous day for a drive, but had to keep it short as hubby needed to study for midterms. came home and i finished making the carrot cake for him. sorry, no pics. it was not picture worthy! but it was delish!!

* have fallen off the exercise bandwagon. after doing so great at the start, going and getting sick plus getting some depressing news was all it took to take the wind out of my sails. meaning, i'm a lazy slug now. i have the desire to get back into the routine,but waiting for the gumption to overtake me and shove me into my workout clothes, put my keys and waterbottle in my hand and drive me over to the gym. ya, like that's going to happen!

* am still trying to declutter & organize my craft area so i can actually craft! i keep finding stuff that needs to be organized. the clutter seems to be multiplying, and i definitely need hubby's help in putting up some shelves so i have somewhere to put stuff!

* its getting cooler here and i love the cool, crisp weather. i am not a hot weather person, tho i enjoy the sunshine. so i'm in my element with fall and soon to be here, winter.

* joined the women's bible study at our new church. we are reading "a mary heart in a martha world" and it is very good. met a neat group of gals, and had a good, meaty discussion. i'm jumping in the middle so it seems odd, but i'm really glad i jumped. if you've read this book, leave a comment about whether you liked it or not, and what you gained from it.

* i'm a little slow in diving into my fall reading. i have 3 of my books by my bedside, but haven't really felt like reading any of them. i go in spurts with reading. so i'm hoping the reading fairie visits me soon and sprinkles me with the reading urge.

* my laundry is calling me, along with the dirty dishes in the sink.

what about you? what's your this n that tuesday look like?

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Rhoni said...

who's in charge of the bible study & when does it meet?