Monday, May 26, 2008

frugal meals week

ok folks, with gasoline skyrocketing and food prices following close behind, i am in need of some great frugal ideas for meals. we are a week away from payday and our big once a month grocery shopping spree. i have a little bit of leftover chicken, some stew meat, a little bit of cheese and most staples. what can i feed my sweet boys without eating cereal every night?

come on now! i know you have secrets just waiting to be shared.

i'm thinking i can do cheese pizza from scratch one nite. and i'd like to make a stew, tho i have no potatoes, or onions. can i just do carrots in a stew? what about a beef pot pie with frozen peas, corn and fresh carrots? would that work?

its kind of scary. hubby is determined not to resort to credit cards. our bank accts are on emergency rations, and i'm starting to raid the pennies jar. but yet, i am forcing myself to look at it as an adventure and a challenge. WE -- CAN -- DO -- THIS!

so tell me your tales: have you ever come to an empty cupboard before your month was up? have you had to make "stone soup"? what and when has been the most frugal you've had to be? (sorry for the bad grammar there)

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Peapod Four said...

These are our cheap meals, but I'm not sure they will help you this week.

pancakes for dinner
tuna casserole
ramen noodles
spaghetti with butter/garlic

And when all else fails, we go eat at my parents house. : )