Friday, May 16, 2008

Mission Minded Friday

for those of you who come read my blog, you may have noticed the joshua project box on the right side. each day it highlights a different people group from somewhere in the world who haven't heard the gospel of Christ. today's group is Rajput, Muslims from pakistan. notice the number of people --- 15 million! that's million folks. that boggles my mind. i live in a country where most everyone has had the ability to hear the gospel many times over in their lifetime, and here is a country that has a sub group of 15 million people who may have never heard the gospel.

the joshua project also lists what religions each people group adheres to, in this case Islam. and also the status of the evangelistic efforts. the rajput is 1.1 which means that there are very few, if any, known believers. how would it be to be the only believer in a group of 15 million. the task can seem daunting, but our God is able, and our prayers are needed.

i added the joshua project to my blog mainly for myself. to remind myself to pray for others and for the missionaries in other countries. but i'm hoping as you come to my blog that you would read about the group that is highlighted for the day and pray along with me. i've also been praying for the Lord to send missionaries to these countries. as the Lord said "The harvest is great, but the labourers are few; pray therefore the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth labourers into the harvest." Luke 10:2

i think it is interesting that our Lord said to pray, that is our responsibility. we dont' have to jump up and go, as i would be tempted to do, but i need to pray. and he said that it is His responsibility to send forth the workers. He gets to pick and choose who should go, and where. not mine. but by praying we are interacting with the Lord to further His kingdom. what a great privilege to be apart of what He is doing, in our world and for His kingdom!

let me know how you pray for the lost. do you have a certain country you are praying for? do you have a visual that reminds you to pray? i'd love to hear ...

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