Thursday, May 08, 2008

This n That Thursday

was moseying around the blogworld and came across one of my fav blogs. lisa writes, and boy does she write with great perspective. i have to link to her post on thinking, cuz it was so good. one of those that you wished you could have wrote yourself, but your brain isn't awake enough these days. so go here, to read her words. then come back and read the rest of the blather that i have to say ....

so you're back!

lisa mentioned john piper and i must say i see his name pop up alot. i need to find something of his to read. i'm always impressed when i see a quote of his. anyone have any recommendations on what to dive into first? i have found with not having cableland anymore i do have time to read and i actually do read a bit. not as prolifically as i did before #1 son came along, but .... you know.

last nite i drug #1 son to the thrift store. i found a cute pair of khaki green shorts for him. i think they should fit--i'll have to get him to try them on. i found a shirt for me and a couple patterns. clothes are probably the only thing we need right now. i'm trying to declutter for the move, but clothes are always a necessity. next on the list are sandals for #1 son and husband, undergarments for me, did i mention how much i hate shopping for bras? but it can't be put off any longer. and some new jeans for husband. i'm not much of a shopper if i can get away with it, but some things have to be done.

well, i told you it was blather. come back later and maybe i'll have something witty, deep or at least acceptable to share ... we can only hope!


Peapod Four said...

Hey Gail! I did get your package and I left a thank you on an earlier post. I'll go back and find it.

Peapod Four said...

well, now I can't find it either. How weird is that! I know I wrote it on Sunday, because the package arrived on Saturday afternoon as we were leaving for my mom's. Everyone was so excited and kept asking me who I know in IDAHO! I loved all the wonderful things you included and I'm sure I'll get started reading soon. Thank you so much for sending it clear across the country! Hope you have a wonderful day! --Julie

Lisa writes... said...

Hi Gail! Thanks for the visit to my site and for the link! As far as John Piper, I'd suggest "The Dangerous Duty of Delight" or "Don't Waste Your Life." Some of his titles can be read online! Check out the resource link at

Happy Reading!

*carrie* said...


Thanks for linking to that article. My small group is currently reading Piper's book Don't Waste Your Life. Very intense and challenging!

That's fun that you're a Saturn fan, too! It's fixed now and ready to roll.