Friday, May 09, 2008

Challenger Baseball

every spring since #1 son was 6 we anticipate the arrival of challenger baseball. #1 son is disabled. he has physical and mental issues, so regular baseball is above his abilities. that's where challenger comes in. challenger baseball was introduced to our small community by a couple from our church who have twin boys (age 20 or so now) several years ago when they were looking for something that their disabled boys could participate in. thank you ron and susie!!!

hubby and i love baseball, and #1 son has inherited our love of the sport. so having him participate in challenger baseball is a perfect activity. he giggles and laughs, he runs the wrong way, he swings to early or too late, but best of all, he has fun. and so do all the other kids. its for ages 6 - 18 or so and they have a great turnout of boys and girls of all ages.

it starts next tues. i have known it starts next tues for about a month. i have a flyer hanging up in my kitchen reminding me to sign up my boy. i really need to sign him up. why haven't i signed him up yet???? sigh .... i guess procrastination is alive and well in my life. last year i signed him up on the the day it started! anyone else have this problem?

but we are anxiously anticipating challenger baseball starting ....

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