Wednesday, May 28, 2008


last thurs evening i was driving michael to his class, when a red taurus decided to take a left hand turn right infront of me. i slammed on the brakes, but the back end of her car met the front right hand side of our van! ouch!!! yikes!!! help!!!

thankfully no one seemed to be hurt, tho i do have a twinge in my neck every once in awhile.

our insurance company has decided to total out our 11 year old van. which i half expected. they are offering us a fair deal for the van and we'll be looking for a new-er used sedan now. we've done a bit of research and like the looks of the saturn sedans, and the ford focus. my mom has a focus and i enjoy driving her car. with gasoline prices the way they are, we are definitely looking for something that gets good mileage. we still need to see what consumer reports has to say on the different years of the cars we're looking at.

thankfully the van is still drivable since it is our only vehicle. and we have a bit of time to find a new car. we may have to get a small loan which doesn't excite me too much as we haven't had a car payment in years. but i can deal with that.

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