Thursday, May 29, 2008

Frugal Meals Update

Tuesday I pulled out the chicken and made a homemade shake and bake. Served it with blackberry jello and carrot sticks. Wed I made pizza dough in my bread machine, tried a new recipe for the crust, sprinkled it with the last of the cheese and served with carrot sticks. It turned out really good. A nice thin crust. I will use it again

So now for Thurs (today), I’m thinking I’ll make pancakes with peanut butter and syrup, milk and canned fruit. One of bloggy friends recommended b’fast for dinner. Thanks, Julie!

This has been rather fun to have to stretch myself this way. I’m found a couple recipes for beef pot pie and this will be tomorrow nites dinner. I’ll check in again and give you another update. We’re half way thru making it to wed June 4th when I’ll be able to go grocery shopping again.

While looking for recipes and inspiration I came across Thrifty Florida Mama I know we’re almost out of May, but I liked her concept. Here’s a few of her ideas: It seems that fast food habits and the rising cost of groceries is hurting most of us right now. My usual $40-$50 grocery trips have recently become $60-$70 grocery trips. I've read that with every 1 cent that diesel fuel increases, 10,000 self-employed truckers come off the road. The bottom line is that we all are feeling the pinch in the pocket when it comes to food. How can we combat this? Make more stuff ourselves and skip the fast food and higher-priced convenience foods.

she goes on to talk about how and why we should do these easy things. of course, the saving we reap are obvious. go to her blog and read the rest of the story. and if you have any blogs that you like to read on frugality, let me know. i think the rest of the year is going to be a penny-pinching one for me.

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