Monday, May 19, 2008

Drive By Photos

when i was a little girl, our family would pile into the baby blue station wagon and go for drives in the nicer areas of town. esp near the university where there were big houses with fancy landscaping. i loved it!

then after i was married, i would coerce my hubby to go on long drives. sometimes we'd end up in residential areas where i could satisfy my longing to gaze at upscale houses and fancy gardens.

when i discovered the blogging world, i noticed a couple blogs that talked about drive bys. hey, there were others out there that liked to do the same thing, drive thru neighborhoods and look at homes and gardens. and they took pictures!

so, this last trip to boise we headed up to the north end. there is a n'borhood called hyde park that is upscale and a bit hippy-fied. since i'm the driver in the family! (hee hee hee) i was able to stop a couple times and get a couple shots of homes i enjoyed before hubby said "Enough!" he can get grumpy at times.

so here are a couple shots of what i found in hyde park. enjoy!

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*carrie* said...


It is fun to look at houses, isn't it?! My favorite house to look at is the one we now own!!