Sunday, March 11, 2007

what does the future hold?

its been awhile since i've posted. in sept i lost the baby at 8 weeks. my earliest miscarriage. tho we grieved for awhile, it hasn't been as hard as previous times. maybe becuz of my age, i wasn't looking forward to the whole nine months, or maybe that my life and hands are full with my son, my husband, working part time, writing, keeping up a home and dabbling in crafts as time and money allow. who ever knew that hobbies could be so pricey??

hubby was trained as a massage therapist 3 years ago after his accident left him needing to find a new career. tho we are thankful to have had that for him, it hasn't been the right fit. so he has been researching since last fall other options. he has finally settled on going back to school and getting a degree in operations management or supply chain management. he is taking a couple refresher courses right now and is loving the energy and learning atmosphere of college life. in the fall he will be transfering to boise state university, home of the broncos (for you football fans, the same underdog team that beat the highly ranked ohio state in the fiesta bowl). that means another move ... one that i am looking forward to, yet conflicted over. for one, i hate the actual process of moving! ugh!! and we have done it over 20 times in our married life that you would think that i would be a pro at it, but i'm not. but this time i am getting smarter. i have been decluttering, donating things, throwing away things, and setting aside stuff for a spring yard sale. i am not looking forward to getting our house cleaned, spruced up, and fixed up to rent out while we are in boise. but i know once it is accomplished and we are living in boise, the hubby going to school, the son settled into his school, us having found a church to attend, that i will be happy to be there. we like the urban living boise offers, as well as the closeness to trails, mountains, rivers and other fun activities.

in the meantime, i'm praying that the Lord would strengthen me for the tasks ahead. that God would pave the way for our move and settle us where He wants us to land.

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