Monday, December 17, 2007

monday, monday

get ready for a mishmash of thots. sorry that's alli have to offer today.

Gifts: got 99% of my shopping done! woo hoo!!! hubby needs me to take him shopping on wed. got some wrapping done last nite too. i'm ahead of the game.

Travel: on the to-do list---PACK! i like to take 2-3 days to pack so i don't forget anything. probably the only time i don't make a list. we leave on thurs.

Meals: use up the perishables this week. it will probably be alot of creative meals this week.

House: a disaster after the weekend, which is normal. so lots of sprucing up and cleaning before we leave. i hate coming home to a messy home.

Laundry: oh ya! enough said.

Weather: snow and rain in the forecast. praying for dry passes that i have to drive over.

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Julie said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm so glad that made sense to someone else too! : )

I think I'm almost done with Christmas shopping too. Although, saying that 5 days in advance probably means I forgot someone or something!