Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankful Thursday

today i'm dedicating my blog to my mom. here are a few pics and a few thots of how i'm thankful for her.

here she is with her precious cat, tawny.

joe and grandma at the falls.

i'm thankful that my mom raised me to love the Lord and follow Him. she not only taught me with words, but showed me by her example of godly living. i saw her reading her bible, praying in her bedroom, i heard her singing to the Lord even tho she never thot she had that great of a voice. i saw her serving her family and her n'bors and her church. she reached out to the less fortunate and brought home all kinds of interesting people she met.

my mom loved to read and instilled in me a love for books and words. she read to me and helped me learn to read for myself. she encouraged me by taking me on weekly library runs to fill my shelves with wonderful books to read.

my mom also loved to play tennis and to take long walks. when the family went outdoors she joined in too. she would get her hands in the dirt and enjoyed gardening in our yard. of course, she left lots of weeding for us girls--thanks mom!

i'm thankful that as i grew up, our relationship grew as well. as adults we are not just mother and daughter, but friends. we enjoy one another's company. we talk on the phone, we email, and when we are together we laugh and hug and spend lots of time at starbucks.

i'm looking forward to going home for Christmas and spending time with this wonderful woman i call mom.

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