Wednesday, February 20, 2008

concussions and balance

yesterday, #1 son seemed like he was ready to go back to school. i drove him and let the teacher and aides know what had happened over the weekend. joe seemed pleased to see his classmates.

by lunchtime i was antsy to hear how he was doing so i called the school. helen, his teacher, told me that his eyes were dilated, which could mean he had a headache. he was somber and laying his head on the desk alot. they had kept it a low key day for him. he hardly ate any lunch, which in his case is a sure sign that things are not well in his world.

so i told helen that i would come pick him up. i canceled his speech therapy and his afternoon program and brought the poor guy home. dh was home from school, too and tried to get him to take a nap, but alas, sleep was not to be. so joe and i cuddled on the couch and watched tv.

he's still very unbalanced on his feet. he walks with legs spread wide and has an uneven gait. think old monster movies from the 50's and you get the picture. except no arms extended straight out in front of him.

at dinnertime, he ate his applesauce, jello and pasta with relish, so that was a good sign.

so we're trying school again today and we'll see how he does. hopefully he'll last a little longer today than yesterday. the docs have told me that it can take awhile to get over a concussion and return to normal so i'm trying not to worry, but to trust that the Lord is still healing and watching over our son. as you moms know, worry is an occupational hazzard where our kids are concerned.

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