Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doing The Happy Dance

Yesterday we had our follow up meeting for my son. We had our first meeting with the school a month ago. It was a hard meeting. But we were prepared. I wasn't sure what to expect yesterday. I was pleasantly suprised by everyone coming on board with our desire to move Josiah into a self contained classroom. We have wanted a different classroom for Josiah ever since he was placed in his current classroom, almost 2 years ago. And we got what we wanted! I'm doing the happy dance, with a bit of moody bittersweet thrown in. Being an idealist I wish that Josiah hadn't had to experience the last 2 years where he has been. And not knowing if we will even still be in Boise next year, it feels a bit like a hollow victory.

But I'm consoling myself that even if we move, now I know what to ask for in the next district. I am learning. I love to learn. But I'd rather learn things that I'm interested in, rather than these lessons that are thrust upon me. Guess I'm having one of those "welcome to holland" moments (referring to the poem of the same name about being a parent of a disabled child. If you haven't read the poem, do so! It explains so much)

But onto the happy dance for now! Twirling around with my son who's big brown eyes captivate me every time.

Til next time ....

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Trish said...

Wow, I'm so glad that you have finally got the results you wanted, even though it took 2 years! We are all just learning as we go along, unfortunately. :(