Friday, April 16, 2010

Caffenated Randomness

I found this on the blogosphere a couple months back and put it in my to-do file for my blog. I thought it being a Friday and all, it'd be fun to have a lighthearted post today. So ....

The game is to share 25 completely random things about yourself and then tag a bunch of people to do the same.

1. I've recently switched back to caffeneited coffee from being a long time decaff drinker. My husband rejoices over this!

2. I love dogs!! All kinds, any kind. I really wish we had a dog.

3. I didn't want kids when I got married. Then I read a book and my mindset was changed. I wanted lots and lots of kids. We have one.

4. I love getting pedicures, esp in the spring and summer when I wear sandals 99% of the time.

5. I love doing my nails (fingers) and have a nice collection of polish now.

6. In the 2nd grade I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said: Vice President. I didn't want the responsibility of being President!

7. I am the youngest of 4. Hence, not wanting responsibility.

8. I had/have an older sister who did so much for me when I was young. See #6 & #7 above.

9. When I was young, probably 5 or 6, my older brother tickled me so relentlessly one day that I couldn't breathe. I don't like being tickled by anyone.

10. I want hubby to work for a company who will transfer us to Brazil for a couple years. I want to live there and soak in the culture, sunshine and language.

11. I listen to Pandora almost exclusively now.

12. We don't own a microwave at the moment.

13. We own 4 computers, 1 doesn't work, and one is a dinosaur that still has photos on it that I need to get off so we can donate it.

Boy, this randomness is harder than it looks!

14. My mil (who passed away last summer) used to watch QVC all the time. And she would buy stuff! I have now taken up the mantel. I watch QVC when there isn't anything else interesting on, which is more often than one would imagine!

15. I haven't bought anything from QVC yet, tho. Hubby is thankful.

16. Bad customer service really, really irks me.

17. My hubby went through massage school. He gives me a massage every week or 2. I'm his only client =)

18. I'm writing a children's novel. I've thought about it for years, but have only just started putting pen to paper.

19. I made up stories in my head growing up. I was always the star, the heroine, the leading role.

20. I love words and putting words together. I love language. And wish/want to learn other languages.

21. I'm learning portugese. Very slowly! And revisiting the french I learned in high school. I should consider spanish since it is the easiest to learn.

Almost done--whew!!!

22. I watch The Clone Wars cartoon on Friday nights, every Friday night, with my son.

23. My favorite part of church is worshipping God in song. I love to sing and worship Him.

24. I've been known to take my knitting to church and knit during the sermon. Hubby hates this so I only do it when he's home sick or studying.

25. I get bored easily!

There you have it, 25 random thoughts from me. If you've gotton this far, consider yourself tagged. Who's up next?

Til next time ....


Katie said...

Hi Gail! It's been a while since I dropped by but wanted to say hello! Love your random 25 things here!

Love that you wanted to be *VP*, and very neat that you are writing a children's novel...would love to hear more about it if you post on it! My MIL has passed away too (I miss her!)...we have 4 computers (one is a *dinosaur* too, a broken laptop, our main one, and my hubby's laptop for work/school)...and too funny about the knitting confession!! :-)

Also, a couple of years ago I won a giveaway on your blog (yay! ~ still have a lovely notepad left), and now I'm having my first giveaway (yesterday's post)...hop over and enter if your interested!

Blessings to you and yours,

simple in France said...

Great list! I laughed out loud at your husband rejoicing at your renewed intake of caffeine. I've had to give it up lately too--I don't drink decaf, so I really miss the smell of coffee!