Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summertime, Summertime

This summer, the next 10 weeks to be exact, are looking to be pretty simple and laidback. As far as I have found, WA state does not have a developmental program for kiddos like my son, like we had in Idaho. This means that after next Tuesday, Joe and I will have lots of time together. While dad is at work, we will be hanging out. Now to those of you with normal kiddos, that may not sound like much, but to this mom of this child, it means that I will need to find ways to keep the #1 son occupied, entertained, and out of trouble for 8 hours a day. That can be an exhausting task to even the most organized and creative types. And top that off with his very short attention span and you get the picture.

So, on our to-do list so far is:

*visit the library once or twice a week (30-60 min)
*go swimming on fridays at the local pool when they have $1 fridays (1-2 hours)
*drive to Portland to visit the Zoo (all day)
*visit Panther creek when it gets hot so Joe can sit by the creek and throw rocks in the water to his hearts content (2-3 hours)
*see a matinee in neighboring town a couple times a month (2-3 hours)
*visit the local park and swing (30-60 min)

Still looking to round out our time each week. Cartoons and movies at home only go so far. There is alot that he can't do due to his special needs, so thinking creatively is a must.

Any ideas you can think of that I haven't got on my list? I'd love to hear what you would fill up your summer with if you were hanging out with the Joe-boy.

Til next time ....


Sherry C said...

I like your budget friendly idea's we are on the same wave length. Maybe you can find horseback riding for special needs (maybe funded somewhere), sounds like your in hiking country, or a picnic in the park with his favorite food. I would hope they have some programs keep asking different people or organizations sometimes programs exist but they are hard to know about. Ashley gets to go to a special needs soccer camp and it's fully funded. I have to stick around in case she needs tolieting but they will keep her busy kicking the ball just being stimulated for the morning I love it. I have to fill the time for 4 kids.. wish me luck I will need it and I'm on a budget. School gets out in a week and a half.

Amydeanne said...

oh that looks like a good list!