Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How Does Your Shopping Go?

We have moved! We made it! We are in the middle of nowhere!

Seriously, I feel like I'm in the middle of a shopping desert. The local market is 10 minutes away and the evening we got settled we ran down there to pick up a few essentials. We walked out $50 lighter with only 2 shopping bags. Wowsers. I miss my Winco already.

How do you folks who live in the middle of nowhere do it?

Yesterday, I had to drive the hubster into a small town 30 minutes away for training with his new job. I found a wal-mart, tho not the super one with the grocery stuff. It did have a few staples so I picked up napkins, salad dressing, salsa and relish. But I'm told that to do major shopping I have my pick of Vancouver or Portland, both over an hour away.

So tomorrow or this weekend, we will be driving west and checking out the stores there. My question tho, is how often will I need to go over there? Gasoline isn't cheap anymore so I know I won't be hopping over everytime I need something the way I could when living in Boise. I really can't see myself spending the time or the money to drive over there every week. Will 2x a month be enough? Can I get away with every 3 weeks?

Part of this new adventure I didn't see coming. The challenge of shopping! Would love to hear your shopping challenges.

Til next time ....


Anonymous said...

That would be hard for me - I'm forever running to this store for this and that! Imagine being forced to plan for meals - probably a good idea but it'd be a big change for me!!
Cousin Joy

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I feel your pain my friend! The nearest grocery store is 15-20 mins away and my favorite one is 30 mins. So that's not quite as bad. I have learned to adapt. That means I have to get it all done when I'm out. But it does make for one tired mama!