Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Finally Know Where We're Moving

It's finally official! Michael has had an offer of employment. Actually its a paid internship, but they have an intern to work program so this could very well be where he works for the next several years. Anyway, we are on our way!

He starts June 1st, which means we're moving over Memorial Day weekend. Where, you ask? Southwestern WA, an hour or so east of Portland OR. Back to our country, where everything is more familiar than the high dessert of Idaho that we have been living in for the last 10 years (off and on). Back to rain country. Where the clouds come in and stay for days on end. Sad for us sun lovers, but ladies, your skin is moist and beautiful for decades. Closer to family. No longer will it take a long day's drive to see siblings and parents. Closer to the ocean, my beloved beaches. Sand that I love to run my fingers through and dig my toes into. And the waves I love to hear crash and sing. And back to people and a culture that I am familiar with. WA and ID are so close, yet their culture is very, very different. Something we had no notion of when we first moved to Idaho.

There are many things that we will miss about Boise and Idaho. Things we are are glad we have had the chance to know. People we've met and walked this journey with for a short while. Many happy memories. But we are excited about the new chapter of our lives.

We are a bit nervous, alot excited, happy, stressed (moving! you know), and busy nailing down all the details. We have a furnished duplex waiting. But don't know the address, guess we forgot to ask! Not sure which school district Joe will be in, but will soon find out. Not sure what Joe and I will do during the day while Mike is at work, but I'm sure we can find some trouble to get into.

For now, we are surrounded by boxes. Looking around for the next thing to pack away and still asking the question: Is this worth trucking over to our new home and storage unit?

Til next time ....


Rhoni said...

Yay! Glad you have a home waiting for you now!

Mary Ann said...

Awesome! So glad you have some direction! Hope your move goes well.