Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Unexpected No-Spend Month

Have you seen those bloggers who talk about having a no-spend month? If not, let me explain. These bloggers, for whatever reasons, choose a month where they decide, voluntarily, not to spend any money. At least none other than is absolutely necessary for survival, you know, say food to eat, and gas to get to and from work ....

I would read these posts and be amazed. Amazed at their resolve, at their dedication, at their strength ... But also a little bemused wondering why they would even think of having a no-spend month. I don't consider myself a shopaholic, I don't have the funds for that kind of recreational therapy for one thing. I do like to buy things and if I had more money I probably would buy a bit more stuff. I'm also not a minimilist. I don't see myself on either extreme of the equation.

But something happened on the way home from surgery. The last time I filled up our gas tank was a week before I went to the hospital and since that time neither my husbnad or I have been out shopping. We have a local grocery store that my husband walks to after work every day to pick up the few things we need to keep us fed and that has served us well. Since I'm not driving yet, I haven't been to Walmart, Target or craft store in the last 5 weeks. And I havent' really missed it.

While we have picked up a local pizza once a week or brought home subs from the place in town, what I have really missed is going to a sit-down restaurant. My mouth drools over some good mexican enchiladas, or some yummy italian pasta or a plate of phad thai from the thai restaurant. And dont' get me started on missing a nice glass of white wine at dinner. Pain meds and wine don't mix, as we all know.

So I've been suprised at how well this mandatory no-spend month has gone for our family. The husbster really likes how much money we're saving and the padding the checking acct has received. So maybe sometime in the future when I'm not recovering from rib reconstruction surgery, we'll do it again ..... or not!

So how 'bout you? Have you ever done a no-spend month or even been tempted to do one? How did it go for you and your family?

Til next time ....


Mary Ann said...

I think it's cool and would love to do it sometime but not really sure what would be different than our usual spending. Finances are a bit tight right now so I feel like other than necessities, I'm already doing no-spend months. :-)

I'm not a big shopper or spender but like you, if I had more $$, I would buy some stuff!

Praying for your continued recovery!

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Good job! I'm trying to spend less. But some days that is easier said than done. Hope you are feeling better my friend!

Rhoni said...

I considered it. Once. It didn't go well. I'm glad you're feeling better-ish.

Trish said...

I have to admit I would have a really hard time with that - there are just so many temptations out there.

I am good about books for the most part and just write down titles at the bookstore to look up at the library.

Hope you are back to 100% soon!

Sherry C said...

Couldn't image a no spend month not I'm a big spending .. with 4 kids there is always something someone needs, shoes, jeans you name it. Lots of birthday party invites so gifts to buy. We usually just spend on food (cook at home 99% of the time) taking 4 kids to McDonalds is expensive. But the kids are usually spoiled on birthdays an christmas. 4 kids i pricy but worth every penny. And we only have one salary I never returned work after Ashley. That wasn't something I planned on but love it now.

gail said...

mary ann, i hear ya! that's how i felt when mike was in school. we were living month to month as no spend months--LOL

trish, i hear ya about the books. libraries are money savers!

rhonni--you are too funny! you should write a blog about your experience =)

thanks everyone for the good wishes on my healing. slow but steady i'm getting back to normal.

gail said...

yes, i can imagine with 4 kids you are in need of stuff all the time! even with only joe things sneak up on me and i have to run out to get something. thankfully i made sure we were prepared for my time at home. i stocked up on alot of stuff.