Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Both my husband and my son started back to school today. Hurray, hurrah!

I set the alarm for 7:05, and boy was i tempted to go back to sleep when it blared in my ear. but hubby came in to see how we were doing. so i got up and went to make my mocha.

the hubster left early to go get our yearly parking pass and then go on to class, and i got the #1 son ready for school and drove him over. we don't have bus service figured out yet, but i'm hoping by wed he'll be ready to ride and i won't have to be his taxi driver.

we are in a new town, and this is a new school, teacher and classmates for the boy. for the first time ever, he seemed a little unsettled about going to school. being non-verbal i can't be quite sure, but i tried to reassure him that he would have friends, and have fun at school.

saw the hubster at lunch and he was jacked. he is so pumped up to be in school again. he had already read one chapter for one of his classes and after lunch laid on the couch and read from another text book. he is currently at his late afternoon class and will be home later. he was ready for summer to be over and to get into the learning mode again.

and i had the house to myself for most of the day. i got lots done, and i had time to think! funny, how when my boys are home, i don't feel like i can think much. guess i'm trying to keep them happy and am interacting with them.

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*carrie* said...

Hope it's been a good first week of school overall for your boys, Gail! Enjoy the long weekend.