Thursday, August 07, 2008

We Made It ... I think ...

last friday we traveled up to boise and picked up our keys to our small 2 bedroom apt and signed our lease. there was actually more stuff we had to do at the university than we realized so we didn't get home as early as i had hoped. we did some last minute packing, but still had lots of stuff that didn't get into boxes.

sat was a mildly hot day, but we had lots of help and the loading went pretty smooth. we got up to boise that afternoon and after some rest and sustenance we started in on the unpacking with our friends who live in town. wow, what a lot of boxes! the next few days were spent unpacking boxes and trying to find places to store in a small apt. we went from a 2000 sq foot house to a tiny cracker jack box, so you can imagine what we are dealing with. even tho we had 2 yard sales, didn't bring everything with us and gave alot away we still have too much STUFF! why do we accumulate STUFF? i guess after being married for almost 25 years and having a son with his special needs we are bound to have STUFF. and since i'm a crafter i have STUFF of my own, and we're both readers so we have lots of books.

yesterday we went back to our house and picked up some bookcases that inadverdently got left behind, a dresser, some shelves, a cd rack and other STUFF. we are still up to our eyeballs in boxes both opened and taped up that need to be gone thru and put away. but i'm ok with that. it'll come, it'll happen.

we are still working on getting our computers connected at our apt, so it may be a few more days before i'm back to blogging regularly. but i will return. thanks for those of you who have been thinking of us during this move and sending your prayers and good thots our way. (well, the prayers go up to heaven!)

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*carrie* said...

Glad you checked in, Gail. Hope you'll start feeling settled soon!