Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Move

where do i begin? we did our actual move 10 days ago or so. the loading went well, the unloading as well, the drive not bad. but things were left behind, boxes went into rooms where they didn't belong, with joe being home and not in his new therapeutic program progress was slow. going from a 2000 sq foot home to a cracker jack box student apt was a lesson in downsizing.

unfortunately, stuff is sentimental to me and i have a hard time letting go. but it is done. the stuff left behind is getting sold or being donated to the thrift store. in the near future we will be buying a small sofa for our living space. right now we're making do with a few chairs as we watch the olympics.

but we are loving being in boise. in a more urban area with lots of things to do, family and friends in the area. we've already walked around the campus a few times in the evenings. we've driven north and found a rustic campsite on the river. it had a sandy beach and rocks and joe had a blast playing in the sand and water. michael and i had a relaxing time talking and watching joe have fun. we've found the n'borhood public pool (that i wrote about last week). and there will be more to discover in the days and weeks ahead.

we've found a couple coffee shops, found our nearest grocery store, are finding our way around the city and how to avoid traffic. its a good move for us and even with all the headaches of moving we are glad for the direction that the Lord has given us.

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