Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Bike for Josiah???

Since last fall, I have had a picture of an adaptive bicycle that we would like to buy for Josiah on the sidebar of this blog. Its the one up at the top of this post if you haven't seen it before. Because its for special needs kiddos and adults there isn't as much demand for it as for regular bikes, so the price is quite a bit higher than a bike off the rack of the local "shopmart". And out of the price range for our cash strapped, starving student family. But ever since I found this bike on the internet, I have been dreaming of family bike rides on the Boise greenbelt this spring and summer.

I have been brainstorming for months on how I can get my hands on this bike for Josiah. Not being much into fundraising, or begging on the street corner, Josiah's service coordinator and I came up with the idea of applying for it thru a special group here in Idaho called the Family Support Fund. This fund is for families who have special needs kiddos to help them with things that will help their kiddos in life, whether it be respite, adapted equipment, or whatever.

So tomorrow I am taking my paperwork over to the agency and handing it in. Hoping and praying that they give the "ok" and the funds, to purchase this bike for #1 son. And why, do you ask, am I sharing all this with you, my treasured reader? Because I have a request. Yes, I'm not above begging for favors from my readers. If, and only if, you believe in praying to the God Almighty and Jesus Christ, His son, would you send up a prayer that the people who approve or deny these requests, would decide to approve this application for a bike for Josiah? See, that wasn't too much to ask, was it? If it was, just go along your way, I don't want to hear about it. I can only handle so much rejection in one day. And I think I've reached my quota for today.

But if you do pray, leave me a comment. And Josiah and I thank you from the bottom of our little, thumping hearts. I'll let you all know whether he's getting the bike or not, when I find out.


Sherry C said...

Oh wow I'm so excited for him they can not say no to that bike. I'm sure you will get it. I will pray for you for sure tonight. Can't wait to see the picture of him riding it.

When you have time can you email about the AAC device you have that he's not using and maybe why he's not I'd love to hear about that. As i decide which one to get my #1 daughter. No rush getting back to me on that I'm just curious. If and when you have time.


therextras said...

If for some reason that does not work-out, try:


Deryk and Jo said...

YES!!! I'm praying for ya and little JOe! How I hope you get it! I'm sure Joe would absolutely love it!!!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Yes, I will definitely be praying. That would be great!

Take care my friend!

*carrie* said...


Please keep us posted--God provides in amazing ways!