Sunday, February 01, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane ....

i'm flying to Seattle to visit my mum for a few days. i am SO EXCITED!!! you see, not only do i get to go. but i'm going without my boys. i am leaving my "troubles" behind for a few days! (tho i would never say my boys are trouble!) and i get to have some girl-y time with my mum and maybe see my sisters to boot.

when i approached hubby about doing this he was easy going and said sure! now i'm feeling a bit guilty cuz i know what a handful our #1 son can be for michael. yes, joe will be in school and also has his afternoon therapy program, but its still alot to ask of michael. hence, feeling guilty. but on the other hand, i know this is what i need. some alone time with my mum. some time to be around another adult talking about adult things and not having the responsibilities of being wife and mom.

my mum and i are going to work on blogging and website kind of stuff, maybe do some photoshooting, reading, chatting and enjoy our time together. i'm going to help her with a few computer glitches she has, not that i have all the answers, but i think i can help.

i'll be taking some good books along to read, some knitting to work on, and maybe a craft project or two. we'll have to see ... i always think i'm going to have more down time than i really end up having.

i don't know how much blogging i'll do while i'm away. i do have my WFW pic ready to go, so hopefully i'll remember to post that. so if you don't see any new posts in the next week, just think of me cavorting around in drizzly Seattle with my mum. when i get back i'm sure i'll have lots to share and pics to show off. and i appreciate any prayer--i really don't like take offs and landings, but everything in between is usually fine.

so here i go, humming that tune "leavin' on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again!"


Mary Ann said...

Hope you have a great time and come back refreshed!

carrie said...

Have fun!!!!! Your boys will be just fine!

*carrie* said...

So glad you can make this trip, Gail. Hope everything goes smoothly!

Amazing_Grace said...

Have a great time and enjoy your visit! I was in Seattle last August and went on an Alaskan cruise. Have you done one of those?

Rhoni Renee said...

Yay! Enjoy.

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I'm still reading...just not commenting as much - anywhere!