Friday, August 12, 2011

Our First Movie in the Park

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Last Friday night we drove into Gresham, Oregon and took in a movie. Not one in a dark, air conditioned theatre, but one in the park under the stars. Ever since hearing my girlfriend talk about the movies they showed during the summer down in LA, I have been enthralled with the idea.

We arrived right on time, but they were running late. They had a band ready to play before the movie, but they were still trying to find electrical outlets. Once the band started, Joe perked up. Since they were playing a family friendly movie, there were lots of kiddos there and the band played some cute kids songs along with an assortment of old classics and newer songs. Joe enjoyed the music, but he was clearly anticipating the movie. Right before dusk the announcement came that they would be starting the movie soon. As the summer heat turned to a cool breeze. the highlight of the evening "How to Train A Dragon" appeared on screen. With kids giggling and chatting in the background, traffic whizzing by the park, planes soaring overhead and the stars twinkling, it was a magical night. We were sprawled out on our blankets, shifting positions often to lessen the aches and pains these unfamiliar conditions were producing in our old bodies! But we enjoyed it nonetheless. After the movie, we packed up what we had brought, shaking out the kinks and limbs that had fallen asleep.

I don't know if we'll attend another movie in the park as it was a bit of a drive for us and Michael and I aren't really into sprawling on the ground for 4 hours, but as we walked back to our car I realized that it was something I had really wanted to do for a long time and I'm glad we did it. I guess it was on my "bucket list" without me even knowing it was there.

photo courtesy of Pictures in the Park

So how 'bout you? Have you ever seen a movie in the park in your neck of the woods? Til next time ....

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