Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor Day Bust

Spending the day in bed nursing a sore-throat and inflamed sinus's was not how I envisioned Labor Day. But there's no use fighting it when you're sick. So instead of rearranging furniture with the hubster, spending time at the river beach or going into town for one last summer flick, I spent the day napping and reading "The Last Detective".

I'm still battling the throat tho it feels better today than yesterday.

So what did you do on your holiday?

Til next time ....


rhoni said...

Oh I'm sorry you're sick. That stinks!

I did a lot of baking & editing pictures...and laundry. It was actually pretty relaxing as well as productive!

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Oh my friend, I completely know how you feel! I was sick all last week. I do feel better....thankfully. I pray you do too & quickly!