Friday, September 21, 2007

gloomy, gloomy seattle area

we made it!

my mom had her surgery on wed and it went well. she is recovering quite well, much to my astonishment. wish i came out of surgery as well as she does. i know the Lord is with her.

now that the crisis is over, i'm deploring the clouds, the deep grey, solid cover clouds that live here much of the time. its a good thing there is a espresso shop on every corner! (and that is not as much of an exaggeration as it sounds!)

i was able to drive up to a local craft store yesterday. wow, even the outskirts of the area are spawning housing developments and the expected retail that goes with it. but it was great fun to shop for yarn, gaze at the fabric, scour the beading section, and peruse the rest of the store. i started a knit hat for my son with the yarn i picked up and will post a pic of it shortly. we'll see if it turns out ....


Kimberly said...

Gail, when were you in Seattle? It's been beautiful with some clouds. But not at all like the description you gave.

I'm sorry it was gloomy for you here.

I'm glad your mom is ok.


gail said...

hi kimberly,
i was over there last week, tues thru sat. sat was nice, and wed might have been but i was in the hospital all that day. i just remember thurs and friday being gloomy. i was in the northend, you know how it can be nice in one area and not just a few miles away!