Monday, September 24, 2007

Status Report

Drinking ... decaf carmel mocha in my favorite stainless steel and black mug

Sitting ... on my sofa in my living room

Enjoying ... the quiet, my dog nearby sleeping

... an extended weekend getaway with hubby this fall

Reading .... just finished "Peach Cobbler Murder" a cozy mystery

Liking ... the cooler fall weather

Anticipating .... listening to the latest casting crowns cd i just bought. haven't even unwrapped it yet!

Praying .... for my mom as she meets with the oncologist on thursday

Studying .... created to be his helpmeet by debi pearl with online group.

Asking .... for wisdom, discipline and dilegance as i tackle my home responsibilities

Walking ... outside or indoors? i now have a walking dvd i can use on nasty days

Waiting .... on God's timing for our move

Thanking .... God for a successful surgery for my mom last week, and a safe trip there and back for me.

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