Sunday, September 16, 2007

Road Trip!!!

tomorrow evening i'm driving up to boise where my brother and sister in law now reside. tues morning we will be heading out for seattle. i'm excited about a road trip, esp since i won't be doing all of the driving--woo hoo! a luxury for me to be sure.

unfortunately, the reason for the roadtrip is not as delightful. my mom is going in for surgery wed morning. they found cancer in her breasts and she is having a lumpectomy on both sides. the Lord has been faithful. He has given both of us peace and it is amazing to watch my 82 yr old mom lean into the arms of Her Father. she has a blog here detailing this journey she's on.

i'm looking forward to seeing my mom and other family members. i'm even looking forward to being back in the seattle area with the rain and clouds, rush hour traffic and crazy drivers. and yes, i'm looking forward to being in the espresso capital of the pacific northwest! so many mocha's, so little time!

look for updates from the land of latte and rain. ta ta for now ---

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The Small Scribbler said...

My sister lives in Oregon. We stopped at as many places to get coffee as we possibly could when we went to visit. I love that you can get gas or groceries and an awesome cup of coffee!

I am sorry to hear about your mom and your struggles with miscarriages. I really hesitated about writing the post on glory at my blog today. But God won't leave me alone when He gives me an idea to write about. I know He always has someone in mind when that happens. So glad it was you today.