Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Josiah

you're 11 years old now today. all boy, but still my special one. the one who loves to giggle, laugh, tickle. who loves pizza and desserts and mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. who loves to go swimming, play challenger baseball, play tag and watch tv. who gives smiles and hugs generously. who still cuddles with me in bed. who loves to be read to, sung to and talked to. tho a boy of "few" (none) words, you have learned how to get your needs met.

we love you Josiah and can't wait to see what another year holds. thanks for coming and blessing our family with your presence.

(no photos to go with this post =( my computer is indisposed and i'm using hubby's computer. thx hubby!)


Deryk and Jo said...

WOW! 11 years old!! Unbelievable. It seems impossible that the little 4-5yr old that I knew can be so old! He's a cutie and the luckiest boy to have a mom and dad like you and mike!!!!!!
HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Joe!!

*carrie* said...

Hope you enjoyed a special birthday celebration together!